Siren season 2 episode 9 video: Checking in on Xander

Siren - FreeformYou’ve been waiting for more Siren season 2 goodness and on Thursday night we are going to see the series is back in action! It’s a chance to explore more mermaid backstory, but let’s not forget about the people still on land! That includes Xander, who really should be lucky that he’s not body parts strewn out all over the ocean right now.

The midseason finale was not a good finale for Xander’s boat and now he’s feeling a little rudderless. The sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below gives you a good sense of that. He gets a visit from Nicole, who makes her best attempt to check in on him even though these two are not on good terms right now to say the least. She’s been trying to text him, and had to resort to getting information elsewhere about where he was before she could find a way to see him.

What’s going on with Xander? Well, for starters, the guy lost his father’s boat; also, he’s skeptical of Nicole’s motives. Why is she there — does she really care about him personally, or is she just out to pump him for information? Winning Xander over is a step-by-step process and we’ve seen how long it takes for him to warm up to a person after he’s felt wronged. First, Nicole has to convince him, to use a reality-TV phrase, that she’s “there for the right reasons.” Even if she is there for informational purposes, show an element of care – that she really does want him to be okay.

Then, a part of this is up to Xander. We understand that he is hurting, but unless he opts to give her a chance, there’s nothing that Nicole could say or do. He has to be the one to make the decision to open the door so she can walk through it. He then still has the option of either sending her right back out or allowing her to have a seat on the sofa and talk. This sneak peek is the jumping-off point to what will surely be more action moving into the coming weeks.

Bonus sneak peek!

Is Rick going to tell his sister the truth about their mermaid heritage? He’s expressing an interest in making it happen — or, to use different words, he’s desperate for her to understand. Helen cautious him against the idea though telling him that not everyone is ready to understand. If the perception is that she’s close-minded, how do you think she’s going to react to this sort of information? There are literal storms in Siren, and then there are emotional ones capable of causing plenty of wreckage in their own right. This could be a fine example of the latter.

Consider this whole sequence a test of Helen’s persuasive skills — and, if Rick goes through with it anyway, a chance for him to handle adversity.

Remember, Siren comes back Thursday night on Freeform — if you’re interested in diving into some more news all about it, be sure to visit the link here! Meanwhile, share some of your predictions for the next new episode below! (Photo: Freeform.)

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