Succession season 2 trailer analysis: Apparently, Logan’s gonna win

Succession season 1Sure, Succession season 2 isn’t going to arrive onto HBO until August, but the network wants it to be on your mind. They know they’ve got an under-the-radar hit on their hands, and also what may be the best examples of dramatic dark comedy out there. Yep, “dramatic dark comedy” is now a thing — we’re not sure even Succession knows what it wants to be at this point and really, we’re okay with that.

There are so many highlights crammed within the latest season 2 trailer (watch here) that it’s hard to know where to start. Also, many of them involve swearing (hence we aren’t posting the trailer here since we like to keep Cartermatt as curse-word free as possible). Remember when television shows and movies tried to keep their trailers safe for all audiences? That doesn’t apply here … though it may be hard to find more than twenty consecutive seconds of Succession that don’t include a variation of the f-bomb.

Roman – “If you bring him back, I am walking … (sees cold stare) Back to my office.”

Also Roman – “Should we frisk him for a wire — burn him, see if he’s a witch?”

(As you can tell, Roman is clearly one of the best parts of this show.)

Logan – “I’m surrounded by snakes and f—-ng morons!”

Also Logan – “Here’s a newsflash … I am gonna win.”

Of course Logan thinks that he’s gonna win — he’s the kingpin of the family business empire. He signs the checks, he boasts of his greatness, and nobody’s cut off his head just yet. He also has Kendall on his side (seemingly), much to the chagrin of Shiv and others. In the midst of all of these great one-liners/debates as to whether or not Greg has principles, Kendall is the focal point. You see him staring down from the top of a building and he’s either surveying his empire, thinking of ending it all, or this is just one of those meandering montages on a character — like on The Bachelor, where you see people sitting on the beach for no reason.

Succession will make you laugh, but it may also make you cheer when someone makes some sort of attempt on capturing the Roy business empire. We can’t imagine a media family who occasionally hates each other more than these people. Yet, here we are, excited to keep watching even though there is no likable legion to really root for. If Game of Thrones has the Iron Throne, this show has the head of the table — we’re just not sure that there’s a Jon Snow or a Sansa in here who you can entrust the Roy kingdom to.

For a few more details…

Here’s the short, official Succession season 2 synopsis via HBO:

Beginning where season one dramatically left off, the Roy family struggles to retain control of their empire, and while the future looks increasingly uncertain, it is the past that threatens to ultimately destroy them.

Get ready — this is gonna be a wild ride later this summer. You can read some more, while you wait, over here.

Stoked for Succession season 2? Do you think someone’s going to topple Logan? Share in the comments. (Photo: HBO.)

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