Beyond Succession season 2, is there already hope for season 3?

Succession episode 2We know that Succession season 2 is going to be premiering on HBO on this coming August, and as you would imagine, there will be all sorts of juicy drama throughout. This is a show about a corporate takeover in so many ways, but then also family and some of the weird, complicated dynamics at the heart of it.

For the first half of last season, it felt like this show was destined to be almost a cult favorite, one that would have a little bit of a devoted following but not one that would ever fully crack the mainstream. That changed by the time we got around to the end of the season. It became a little bit more of a show that everyone could get on board with — it didn’t necessarily have the biggest names in its cast, but at the same exact time, it does have a compelling narrative and memorable characters. We also think that it’s potentially poised for a breakout run a little bit later this summer.

Beyond just that, we also think that there’s a chance there could be a season 3 at some point down the road. That’s at least something that show creator Jesse Armstrong discussed a little bit further in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly:

I think it’s not the sort of show which should go on forever, because there’s a question set up in the title of the show and I think it’s a question you eventually want answered. So, I wouldn’t say that it should go on forever, but we certainly haven’t run out of ideas when we’ve met in the writers’ room so far.

So how long do we think that Succession can continue to succeed, pun intended? Well, at the moment we think that we could see it running around four seasons. That’s enough time to really dive into a lot of these characters and, in turn, still have an ending that leaves you wanting a little bit more. We do think that you should always feel that way when a show ends — even if sometimes we don’t. Sometimes, we are left for years feeling as though a show’s better days are somewhere in the past.

For those curious as to some more details on the season 2 story, check out what Armstrong had to say:

We left [the show] poised with the beginnings of a takeover battle, which are heralded by the delivery of a ‘bear hug’ letter. So, obviously, there’s a frantic desire on behalf of Logan and the company to fend that off.

We go to some cool places. We go off on a corporate retreat-style event to Hungary, we get to see the Hamptons spread of Logan, which we’ve not been to before, where they kind of hunker down in the first episode to think about what to do in the face of this bear hug attack. And then we visit a kind of Davos-slash-Sun Valley kind of media conference in one of the later episodes. Yeah, there’s some geographical variety. It’s still rightly named Succession, and that’s still a concern of the group. I guess I won’t go into too much of the specifics of what happens to keep it fresh for people who do enjoy the show.

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