Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 preview: ‘Humbug’s Gulch’

Fear the Walking DeadFear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 is airing next week, and we immediately wonder one thing going into it — is “Humbug’s Gultch” either a great episode title, or perhaps the greatest episode title of all time? It’s up there. It just feels all weird and gravely when you see it out loud, though we presume not a lot of people are here to read us talking about vocalizing titles.

Instead, let’s move into sharing what this story could be about, starting with the presumption that this could be a window into Dwight. He could turn up for the first time in episode 2, but we know from photos that he’ll for sure have a presence in episode 3. This marks the second major crossover from The Walking Dead proper, and this is a welcome one given that Dwight’s a fascinating dude to watch. He’s done too many bad things to be labeled a “good person,” but we think that he’s capable of becoming a better one over time. This is almost the perfect group for him to run into with those intentions in mind … but this is where we should remind you that Operation Help the World isn’t really going too great for Morgan and company. So far, they’ve gotten their butts handed to them and also required the services of one Daniel Salazar — you know that guy’s not winning any awards for his kindness.

Dwight aside, CarterMatt has the full Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 synopsis with more news on what’s next:

Dorie and June run from a threat and take shelter, but trouble arises when a misunderstanding arises with a survivor; Alicia and Morgan encounter an obstacle.

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Dorie and June may be the first people to meet Dwight, which should be curious given that neither one of them have any experience dealing with the guy. Pairing Alicia and Morgan together, meanwhile, is always going to be worth the price of admission. At this point, we perceive the two of them the chief storytelling engines for this show. We care about their perspective, understanding of this world, and ability to be awesome more than anyone. It’s also just been fun watching them offer up differences in strategy. Morgan’s tried to be the more hopeful of the two; meanwhile, Alicia’s been more of the realist, the person who’s shrugged her shoulders and realized that being a hero can get you killed.

Time will tell how this season shakes out, but there is at least potential here. The linear storytelling this time around is helping, but there’s enough variance and zombie carnage to make it still feel a little fresh.

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