Claws season 3 episode 1 review: Who shot Virginia? Here’s your answer

ClawsIt’s been a long summer, Claws fans — but your show is now back! Beyond that, we are pleased to report that it is just as crazy as ever. Sunday night’s premiere episode brought you the beginnings of a new era for Desna and the rest of her crew, but also some ghost from the past that is going to rear their head and a big, ugly way moving forward.

Take, for example, what we know about the shooter now. For most of the offseason, the big question was who was responsible for pulling the trigger … and nearly killing Virginia instead of the desired target in Desna. As it turns out, the responsible party is none other than Toby! Uncle Daddy’s occasional lover turns out to be the wannabe assassin and his act was mostly fueled by rage and desire. He loves Uncle Daddy and nobody embarrasses him — though, in all honesty, Uncle Daddy typically just embarrasses himself. Anyway, Toby went rogue in his efforts to pull the trigger, so don’t assume that this is something that Dean Norris’ character endorses.

The thing that we are perhaps the most curious about, though, is simply this —  one of the classic rules of TV is at secrets never stay secrets for all that long. At some point, we’ve got a good feeling that the truth is going to come out, and it’s going to come out in a chaotic way. Toby’s an interesting cat in his own right — we’re not even sure what he would do if he was threatened.

As for what else you got within this premiere, obviously Virginia survived — that was spoiled in the promos a long time ago. The mystery that remained is just what was going to happen to her on the other side of that. Would she perceive the world differently? For the short-term, it actually feels like she is. This is not the same Virginia who we saw before getting hit with the bullet. She acts as though she’s been to some sort of Buddhist retreat for the better part of the hiatus. She’s more philosophical and significantly less vapid and high-strung. Maybe this is just a temporary thing, though it would be kind of hilarious to see a version of Virginia who is now at an extreme, and still somehow different from Desna and the rest of the group.

As for Desna’s current quest for power. the premiere brought her to a totally new place in the casino business. She’s looking to make something off of her sudden inheritance, even if that means associating with some less than favorable people. Enter Mac and Melba, two new characters who have been running the casino game and funneling a lot of money through the establishment. Their attempts to buy Desna out weren’t exactly perfect, mostly because she knew what they were hiding.

Near the end of the episode, Desna negotiated her own way into staying on board, refusing a hefty sum of money and acting totally prepared to take on whatever light ahead for her. This is good if you fancy funny, strange adventures within this world, mostly because being at a casino is night-and-day from running a salon! At a salon, most people are kind of there to relax. At a casino, most people are there to either celebrate or scream at a dealer when they lose $5 grand. It’s a different environment, but hey, Claws was just going to keep evolving. That’s one of the reasons why this show is so strange and so fun.

CarterMatt Verdict

The perfect microcosm for this Claws episode comes in that dance sequence near the very end. Despite everything that is going on, and despite Desna and company’s lives still probably being on the line, they still dance it out. That’s Claws at its finest. It’s weird, chaotic, and dangerous, and yet it’s tone still allows you to laugh and dance every step of the way.

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