NCIS: Los Angeles season 11 spotlight: The future for G. Callen

CallenAs we await the beginning of NCIS: Los Angeles season 11 filming —  or at least the continuation of it — why not take a look at some of the characters and what could lie ahead? Every Sunday, we are offering you a new spotlight full of ideas!

Last week, the focus was on Sam Hanna and you can check out all we had to stay over here. Today, we’re shifting it over to none other G. Callen.  this is a guy who, obviously, went through a lot in season 10. For example, he almost died at the start of it, and not too long after getting back into the swing of things, he had to deal with the idea of Anna almost dying in the middle of a prison sentence. Anna eventually escaped from prison, and there was a huge two-part storyline all about that. You got to spend time with both Anna and Joelle throughout the season, but with Anna choosing to do not go back to United States, there are questions aplenty about the future of that relationship.

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With that in mind, it feels fair to start this character spotlight with the discussion of Callen and his dating life. Where do you go from here? The truth is, it would be nice to eventually see him settle down with someone. He’s a guy who’s had such a complicated history of family so it would be nice to see him have something of his own, something a little bit more stable. Now that Deeks and Kensi are married, and it seems like Nell and Eric are certainly on their way to something, There’s an opportunity to explore this a little bit more.

We’ve already made it clear that we’re a proponent of Anna coming back and kicking off a relationship with Callen again, so we certainly hope there’s a way to make that happen. If not, maybe you explore Callen’s casual dating life a little bit for the sake of comedy. We know that for almost any person in Los Angeles, dating is a challenge. It’s probably even more so when you are an NCIS agent who has a history of being a little closed off about your past.

When it comes to the job, it would be nice to see a little more of Callen undercover. Some of the best standalone episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles are the ones where he and Sam take on an alter ego and infiltrate some dangerous society — all for the sake of taking on bad guys. That’s always fun just because you get to see the actors do something a little bit different. For a short-term story, that’s a good way to go.

For a long-term story, we’d like to see something that involves both Callen and also Hetty. Their relationship has always been special within the context of this show, and with Linda Hunt gone so much last season, it was a missing ingredient. To keep this food metaphor going, if you want to make the perfect main course for NCIS: Los Angeles season 11, Callen and Hetty have to be a part of the recipe. Maybe he chases after a Big Bad who has some sort of tie to her past, and that’s a fundamental part of the story.

Also, can we have some more friendship moments with Callen and Sam? These are two guys who are both went through unmistakably hard times, and they probably understand each other more than anyone else would. We kind of want to see the two guys hang out, as in what they would do together on a day off. With so much pain and near death experiences in season 10, it would be fun to just give them a couple of moments to breathe. There’s going to be plenty of chances to watch their world fall into total chaos, so after you resolve the events of the big cliffhanger, maybe just allow them the chance to go to a Dodgers game.

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