Veronica Mars season 5 possible; Hulu revival may not be the end

Come July 26, Veronica Mars is going to be arriving on Hulu in what’s being billed as the beginning of some sort of epic miniseries event. (You can consider this season 4 if you want — numbers are only numbers, after all…)

There are eight episodes coming, all of these episodes will be available at launch (rare for Hulu), and you’ll get to see through this a new chapter of Veronica’s life. She’s more adult now (go figure) and the show will reflect that; yet, the show’s not going full Designated Survivor season 3 and throwing swear words as far as the eye can see. It’s going to feel like a natural evolution of the first three seasons and the move. Many of your favorites will be back, and the ones who aren’t may at least be mentioned.

Now, let’s look a little bit towards the future beyond season 4. These eight episodes may be great, but let’s be honest — we’re television viewers and are therefore insatiable. We’re gonna want more, and according to show executive producer Rob Thomas, there could be more. Here’s what he said, via TV Guide at the ATX Television Festival, on the subject (while also noting that the door is left open):

“I feel like in saying that I might be giving away that Veronica survives these eight episodes, so don’t get comfortable.”

Consider this just a fun little quip. Can you imagine the protests that would happen if Veronica Mars were to kill off Veronica? It’d incite internet fury that could be felt by people who aren’t even close to a keyboard. The larger mystery is if it will happen. Veronica Mars may be a beloved property with a big international following, but that doesn’t mean that Hulu just automatically pushes a big green button reading “MORE EPISODES NOW” the moment Thomas says he has an idea. They’ll want to see how the fourth season performs before deciding if they want to do eight more episodes.

Unless Kristen Bell gets another TV gig soon, we may need to rely on Veronica Mars to get a little bit more of her on the medium. If you missed it, NBC confirmed yesterday the oh-so-bittersweet news that The Good Place will be ending after its upcoming fourth season. (Side note: Why are all shows starring Kristen Bell having such short runs? We know that The Good Place is ending more for creative reasons, but still.)

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