Is Maggie Q leaving Designated Survivor, Hannah Wells in season 3 episode 7?

Maggie Q

In Designated Survivor season 3 episode 7, you had arguably the most stunning moment of the entire season so far. After all, the show removed from the equation one of its most memorable characters, and an actress in Maggie Q who is certainly beloved.

While we’re only reviewing season 3 episode 7 here, and there is more of the season to go, it feels fair to assume that Hannah Wells is dead and, with that, the Nikita alum is leaving the show.

In a grander sense, we can’t say that we’re altogether surprised by this move — as awesome as the Hannah character was, it never seemed as though she was a perfect fit for what was going on elsewhere with the series. There were a couple of different paths at the core of Designated Survivor and for much of the series’ run, she found herself plainly on a separate one. Her story for much of season 3 was separate from everyone else, and it involved her trying to stop a biological weapon designed to take out certain skin pigmentations. Unfortunately, she found herself thwarted, poisoned, and ultimately caught ablaze at the end of this particular episode.

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Admittedly, the part of Maggie Q’s exit that is the most frustrating is just the manner of which it happened. Given everything that we’ve seen Hannah Wells go through on this show, to have her go out like this, at the hand of just some generic evil mad scientist out to hurt the world in the most racist fashion imaginable? It just doesn’t feel right.

Also, this entire storyline has been the hardest part of Designated Survivor season 3 to get into. It never fully felt like the right fit, almost as though it was a part of some over-the-top science movie. Then again, if you look at the first two seasons of Designated Survivor, they were certainly full of their own weird over-the-top moments, as well.

The true impact of losing Hannah is probably going to be felt through the remaining episodes of this season, and then also a season 4 Netflix decides the order one. What is a larger question that we’re going to have then is whether or not this storyline ends up being abandoned altogether, and if the show eventually ships over to being more about politics and grounded stuff as opposed the super-spy action-movie sequences that take place away from the White House.

As we’ve said for some time, it would have actually been rather cool to have a Hannah Wells spin-off hat focused more on her world with a separate team people out there fighting the good fight. It just never seemed fully in line with what this show, especially this season, was doing. We’re going to miss Hannah, and we certainly think Maggie Q for being a part of the show for so many years. Hopefully, this leads to her having another exciting gig in the future.

As for everything else…

It’s really hard to even focus on the other stories, but within episode 7, we saw Aaron own up to his part in an illegal border crossing when he was a teenager, a move that threatened his candidacy but due to his fantastic speech, was able to move away from too much criticism. Unfortunately, his relationship may not survive after telling Isabel about hooking up with Emily.

Also, Mars is intent on doing battle with a drug conglomerate who he blames for his wife Lynn’s opioid addiction, while Kirkman does his best in order to divert getting a lot of attention for effectively saving much of the country from an incident with Russia. It’s not the sort of thing he wants to use for political purposes … even if it does boost his National Security profile.

Finally, Sasha has decided to take on a more active role being a transgender spokesperson for the campaign. Why? She’s starting to realize that now is a time for her to have a voice after having the police called on her for entering the women’s restroom.

CarterMatt Verdict

We love Hannah Wells; we don’t love the way that she died, especially since that storyline really contradicts from what has otherwise been a really good season. We don’t know how Designated Survivor is going to wrap up Kirkman’s election in three more episodes, but good luck for them trying.

What do you think about Designated Survivor writing off the Hannah Wells character at this point? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and come back soon for more. (Photo: Netflix.)

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