Ellen Pompeo adds more to Grey’s Anatomy – workplace discussion

Meredith GreyIn speaking a little bit about the health of the Grey’s Anatomy set, Ellen Pompeo wants everyone to know one thing: Love over shade.

Following some of her initial comments in an interview with Variety, ones where she claimed that the first decade of working on the show was at timesa toxic, difficult environment, she’s come out to issue a couple of clarifications. What’s the primary one? It’s geared towards anyone who insinuated that she was talking about one specific person as the reason for the tough environment when she claims now that singling out someone was far from the intention.

Take a look, via Twitter, at what she has to say in full:

Hey! Anyone having feelings over Variety piece. It’s not worth getting yourself upset over not singling anyone out..as a show we all had a part to play in the environment me included..as many workplaces do..We changed that story. That’s the story we all have the power to change! None of my comments in print are ever meant to shade anyone. That’s so not productive. My words about my journey are always meant to inspire and reflect. My shade is very obvious when I’m not subtle about it you all should know that!! I’m aware how much love there is for this show and these characters…no one has more love than me..I’ve dedicated half my life to it. The show has been a blessing for us all in different ways.

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Is it possible that Ellen and many of the Grey’s Anatomy producers looked around a decade in and realized that they could make it a much better set? That certainly possible, just as changes in the cast are. Sometimes, it just takes a commitment and a sea change to really try to make something better; that seems to be what Ellen and many other people have driven to do over the past several years.

Some of these changes also seem to be one of the main driving forces behind why Ellen wants to still be a part of the series. She recognizes that Grey’s Anatomy employs a good many people and beyond that, that so many enjoy it. It’s a successful show for ABC and it affords a lot of people different, exciting opportunities. It’s allowed Ellen to get more into producing, and that’s without thinking about its aspirational nature. It’s already pretty well documented how many people out there want to be doctors because of what they’ve seen from Meredith Grey onscreen.

In the end, isn’t the most important thing that Grey’s Anatomy seems to be a good work environment now? Given the long hours and difficult schedule, that’s the #1 way to keep people sane..

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