SWAT season 3 spoilers: Prepare to meet a new series regular

SWATAt the moment, it’s still so early within the SWAT season 3 process that there isn’t too much information out there about it just yet. With this said, it’s certainly nice to get some more news in regards to a new character turning up in this world!

According to a new report via TVLine, the CBS series is currently in the process of casting a new actress in the series-regular role of Detective Lynch. There isn’t too much out there about this character specifically just yet, but she works within homicide and she has a tendency to use some unorthodox methods in order to make sure that she solves some of her cases.

Since Lynch is not directly associated with SWAT herself, you have to go ahead and think that she is not always going to be on the same exact page with the remainder of the team. There are going to be some clashes that happen here and there and with that in mind, we’re expecting some more inter-departmental conflict. Isn’t that one of those things that will make the story a little more electric?

Adding a new character to the mix is one of the signs of SWAT and its commitment to making its show as fresh and as exciting as humanly possible. We hope that there are some new elements that are mixed in with season 3 but, at the same time, we hope that the original show DNA is still very much there.

What are we still waiting to hear about?

We’re sure that one of the biggest fundamental questions that is going to be out there pertains to the status of Jessica, whose future was a little bit unclear at the end of season 2. Hopefully, she will be back in some capacity, and the ream of the team stays fairly unified. They’re going to need each other not only to make it through some of the struggles that are out there day to day but also to deal with some of the personal demons that they’re going to be forced to take on. Season 2 was a tough season for some of these people in between tragedies, hardships, and trying to figure out precisely how to keep their families and their lives together.

We’re sure that some more news is going to be out there when it comes to SWAT season 3 before too long — after all, filming for the CBS series is going to be kicking off at some point a little bit later this summer. The show is going to be airing at a new timeslot Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern; hopefully, it will continue to deliver in the ratings.

Want some more news when it comes to SWAT?

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