Is Paradise Hotel renewed for season 4, canceled at Fox? Current odds

Paradise HotelIs Paradise Hotel going to be renewed for a season four at Fox, or should we go ahead and consider this show dead as a doornail? In this article, what we’re going to try to put in focus on exactly what’s going on with the Kristin Cavallari hosted reality show revival.

From the start, it did appear that Fox had higher hopes for Paradise Hotel than what it actually ended up delivering. This is the show that has hovered around a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic for most of the season, and while it’s gotten more than a million viewers weekly, that’s not altogether great when you think about an average weekly performance for a network primetime show. It’s with this information in mind that it’s hard to really see Paradise Hotel coming back for another run. What would the reasoning be for it? What would the basic hook be all about? It’s hard to just conjure up the situation where you would see a little bit more of the show coming up.

We do give Fox credit for trying to market Paradise Hotel to young people, even going so far as to seemingly sponsoring a number of top reality TV personalities to live-tweet about the show during some of its episodes. Yet, doing this had a weird effect. Live-tweeting isn’t as effective when you know said person live-tweeting is doing it because they were paid to do so. Meanwhile, there’s another consideration here in that Fox premiered it too early, right in the middle of May sweeps, and they also aired it too often — including one episode during The Bachelorette! Here’s a word to the wise — if you want your dating TV show to end up being successful, don’t air it opposite The Bachelorette. That is a recipe for disaster and you’re setting yourself up so that people don’t really want to stick around you for all that long.

Ultimately, they’ve got some time to figure out what they want the future for Paradise Hotel to be, but we would suggest moving forward that if they want to continue on with some unscripted programming, they focus a little bit instead on coming up with new, exciting ideas that people have not seen before already. This is one of the reasons why The Masked Singer took off in the way that it did — it was something that had never been seen before in America and because of that, there was a lot of excitement to check it out. This just didn’t have that sort of a fresh coat of paint on it — beyond that, we don’t quite think that Paradise Hotel was ever that big of a hit in its original run. If it was, it would’ve aired for longer than just a couple of seasons — think of just how long The Bachelorette itself has been out there.

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