Outlander gets immortalized by Jeopardy! again — how this time?

Outlander season 4As it turns out, the news items surrounding Jeopardy just keep coming this week. Granted, this one’s a little bit different than an epic winning streak coming to a close.

Earlier today, and as evidenced via the tweet below, the long-running quiz show aired a new clue that had a certain something to do with Outlander. This one technically has more to do with the Diana Gabaldon book series than it does the show airing on Starz, but we think there are a lot of show viewers out there would certainly get a kick out of it. After all, it is talking about our beloved Lord John Grey, who is played by none other than David Berry on TV. (We’ve said this many times over, but Lord John is one of our personal favorites.)

For the record, we don’t think that there’s anything wrong at all with more viewers getting exposed to Lord John’s separate book series. After all, it gets more attention to Gabaldon’s work, and beyond that, theoretically, it brings the idea of a spin-off back out into the universe. We’ve written about that before, and we know that we’re not alone in this endeavor.

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Do we think that a Lord John spin-off is something that is actually going to happen? It’s pretty hard to read at the moment, but it certainly seems as though David himself is more than interested in the idea. There’s a lot of material out there that could be explored with Lord John, and we think that it could actually work really well as a limited series that would air at some point between Outlander seasons on Starz. Because these hiatuses are so long (season 5, for example, likely isn’t coming until 2020), it does open the door for a lot of opportunities to put something else on the air in the interim. This would just give people a cool chance to still be excited about Outlander and its extended universe, well also giving a spotlight to a fantastic character, someone who really feels so different in style and backstory than almost anyone else.

For now, let’s just rejoice the fact that Lord John himself is getting a little bit of attention on one of television’s most popular shows. Also, this is the third time in recent memory that we can think that Outlander has been featured on Jeopardy. That’s pretty incredible, and it certainly is a sign that the show and the books are a pop culture Institution. (We hope that if we’re ever on Jeopardy, they throw us questions like this with regularity.)

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