Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 3 preview: ‘Man vs. Rock’

Animal Kingdom season 3Next week, Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 3, an installment entitled “Man vs. Rock,” is going to air on TNT. What can you expect to see during this? Well, think along the lines of an installment where there are all sorts of strange questions about what’s going to happen … and what relationships are going to fall apart.

Take, for example, the relationship between Craig and Frankie. It’s complicated. we think that Craig’s got some feelings for Frankie, but it’s kinda hard to sit here and say that the feeling is 100% mutual. Frankie’s just a tough person to read; she doesn’t exactly make a lot of her thoughts on any subject clear and she likes to live within a world of ulterior motives. We think that she likes Craig, but she may just like Craig because she can use him.

For Mia and J, we think that the relationship dynamics are a little bit more complicated. We’re talking here about someone in Mia who has wedged herself between two different worlds — one where there are complicated jobs and operations on all sides. Because she’s going to be pulled in all sorts of directions, you gotta assume that there’s going to be a lot of chaos coming up. That’s probably amplified further by everything else that is currently on J’s plate, whether you are talking here about  the police breathing down his neck or precisely what is going on with Smurf.

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As Craig (Ben Robson) feels the pressure of pulling off Frankie’s (Dichen Lachman) increasingly complicated job, J (Finn Cole) grows frustrated with Mia (Sohvi Rodriguez). Deran (Jake Weary) tries to get Pope (Shawn Hatosy) out of the house, and Smurf (Ellen Barkin) decides she needs answers.

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At the moment, we would certainly say that we’re the most concerned for what’s going down with Pope, and for good reason — the guy has been on the verge of falling apart at just about every turn, and we don’t exactly think that being under Smurf’s thumb is good for his heart or his soul. We know that Emily Deschanel’s character of Angela is going to be a big part of the story coming up, and we just gotta see how exactly that is going to manifest itself. Hopefully, it’s exciting — and another way to make your hair stand on end when it comes to this show.

This is going to be a slightly-chaotic episode … but one that will set the stage for even more chaotic stuff coming up on the other side.

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