Blue Bloods season 10: Why Donnie Wahlberg is happy to stick around

Blue Bloods season 10

Blue Bloods season 10 is officially premiering on CBS later this fall, and there’s a good chance you know already that Donnie Wahlberg will be a part of the cast once more. Not only that, but all of the key Reagan’s seem to be coming back around to the famed family dinner table. Someone pass the potatoes!

We cannot stress enough that one of the biggest reasons for Blue Bloods’ long-term success on CBS is the consistency with most of the main characters. While we have had some really sad exits over the years (with Amy Carlson being a recent example), the main core of Danny, Jamie, Eric, and Frank still remain intact and hopefully are going to remain that way for some time moving forward.

The good news here is that, at least for Donnie, it doesn’t it seem as though he has any intention of leaving in the near future. He may be very busy in between New Kids on the Block and some of his other commitments, but he finds a way to play Danny and make that work within his schedule.

So why is Donnie so interested in sticking around this show for the long haul, and playing his famed street-smart detective? In a new interview with CBS Watch Magazine, he makes that clear:

You know, I never could understand when an actor would say they got burnt out on a TV show. It never made sense to me. We fight so hard to get these jobs. I worked for years just to get an acting gig, and I’m hearing of actors quitting shows because they’re bored. And I think, What the hell are you talking about?

There are a number of other fascinating nuggets from Donnie within this interview, including him talking about how his co-star Bridget Moynahan originally the show down out of fears of it being filmed in Canada and also what his relationship with Tom Selleck is like off-camera. Meanwhile, he also talks about what he would like to see moving forward for Danny and his partner Baez:

I would like them to connect a little more—not in an intimate way like Jamie [Will Estes] and Eddie [Vanessa Ray], but to really share with each other. I think if Danny confides in anyone about the loss of [his late wife] Linda, for example, it would be her. I’d love to explore that.

There’s obviously plenty of time to explore the Danny – Baez relationship and a number of other exciting things on Blue Bloods moving forward, and we really just hope that the CBS show swings for the fences and gives its cast the opportunity to do some really cool things.

Do you want to see Donnie Wahlberg continue his run on Blue Bloods for some time to come in the future? Be sure to share in the comments.

(Photo: CBS.)

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