Billions season 4 episode 11 video: Wendy prepares for battle

Is Billions new tonightOn Sunday night’s Billions season 4 episode 11, it’s going to be clear almost immediately that we’re entering the field of battle. For Wendy, she’s doing her best to study the plan of attack.

In the video below via the Showtime series’ official YouTube channel, you can see Maggie Siff’s character getting a little bit of advice from Orrin as to how to best thwart what’s coming her way moving forward. His advice is very simple: Confirm nothing and admit nothing. Unless Taylor turns up, there may not be anything that they can do in order to stop Wendy. She just needs to make sure that she holds her cards close to the vest, and make sure that she doesn’t say anything that could be seen as a slip-up. Provided that she can make sure she is consistent and doesn’t do anything to hurt her shot of freedom, she’s going to be okay on the other side.

The problem, we imagine, is going to be trying to just go along with this plan if there are a lot of accusations being thrown in Wendy’s direction. She’s human — certainly a flawed human this season, but a human nonetheless. She’s also someone who has done bad things and is trying to find her own way out of it. This is why she’s questioning her standing amidst other criminals and corrupt individuals. It’s why there is so much chaos simmering in her mind and this sets the stage for the final two episode.

So could something actually happen to Wendy amidst this storyline? We’re not gonna lie here: We find ourselves somewhat conflicted over the idea for a few different reasons. For example, if something does happen to her, it almost feels unfair given how much stuff a lot of the other people have gotten away with over the years. Yet, if nothing happens to her, then it’s going to feel almost like the characters on Billions are invulnerable. If you are played by a notable enough actor, it’s hard to imagine anything transpiring to you. It’s a weird sort of relationship this show has between crime and character, but this is mostly at the heart of the series at this time.

Given that there are only two more episodes coming up on Billions season 4, we’re certainly intrigued to see where this story goes — and also precisely how it could all end when the dust settles.

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