Supergirl season 5: The case for another Cat Grant appearance

Cat GrantIs there a way for Supergirl season 5 to bring Cat Grant back into the mix? We certainly hope so, but it really comes down to a couple of different things. First and foremost, it involves finding a way to get Calista Flockhart back on board the show. After that, you also need to have the right story in which to make it happen.

It’s easy to say that Cat could just re-emerge and be in charge of CatCo once again; but, at this point, it feels pretty clear that that’s not going to happen. Calista’s involvement and Supergirl season 1 stemmed largely from the show being in Los Angeles, and following its move to Vancouver and to The CW from CBS, her role ended up being drastically reduced. That’s why now, her appearances are mostly scattered at best, and it’s been a long time since we have seen her in general.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Cat has to be gone forever. There are, after all, several interesting ways in which to bring the character back! For starters, it would just be nice to see Cat in a meeting with Kara, James, and many of the other people associated with her company to assess where things are with it now. One of the weird things that happened after Supergirl moved to The CW is that all of a sudden, the hierarchy of CatCo went completely up in smoke. It seems as though all of the people who must have been higher-ups working alongside Cat are now gone, given that James and Kara seem to be the two people mostly running the show — at least when Lena is not around. Remember Snapper Carr? That seems like forever ago.

There are obviously comedic reasons to being Cat back to the fold, mostly so that she can interact with some of the other characters and maybe give Kara some old-fashioned snark once again. There are also some sentimental reasons, especially for everyone who is nostalgic for those early days of the series when CatCo itself felt like a little bit more of a living, breathing environment. That’s not to say that Supergirl is somehow less of the great show, given that it is coming off an especially strong season 4. It’s just different.

Maybe the ideal way to bring back Cat Grant is that a time when Kara Danvers is completely at her lowest. Cat is someone who, no matter the circumstance, Kara is going to look at as a heroic figure. She’s someone who can pick her up when she’s down, even if it involves a lot of tough love in the process. It would actually be interesting to see Cat surface in Crisis on Infinite Earths, given that almost everyone will be at their lowest then. That’s just probably not going to happen because there are so many other things that the show is going to have to focus on. A better course of action could be to have her appear in the premiere, just to get that much more attention around the first episode and to give it a nice little bump in the ratings in its new time slot at 9 p.m. Eastern time following Batwoman.

No matter if she comes back or when, though, one thing certainly remains. We miss Cat Grant on Supergirl. She just brought so much fun to the proceedings, and she gave the show just that extra dose of acting prowess from the very onset. It’d be nice to learn more of what exactly she’s been up to, and also how much affection she still continues to have for Kara and some of the other people that she worked with. Remember, that also does have connections to Nia Nal, not that it’s been addressed on the show with regularity.

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