Bir Khalsa Group (Karamjit and Kawaljit Singh) bring America’s Got Talent danger

Pompeyo Family DogsTuesday night’s America’s Got Talent is going to have a significant amount of danger present in it, and we’ve now officially got the source.

In the sneak peek below from Tuesday night’s new episode, Karamjit and Kawaljit Singh arrive with the goal of presenting one of the craziest danger acts you’ve seen in some time. (Side note: We really wish that this show would sometimes give us real, tangible information of the names of their acts — we don’t know if they’re just going by their names or Bir Khalsa Group, which they are clearly a part of.)

Anyhow, the act that these two partake in, with a little help from their onstage manager, is insame. Basically, the extremely tall gentleman (he is 7’6”, as tall as NBA greats Yao Ming and Shawn Bradley) lies down on the ground while the other man, blindfolded and sporting a hammer, starts smashing various coconuts and watermelons all around him. Eventually, he makes it to the end without hurting him and we gotta say that we’re amazed that this went off without any injuries.

It’s always easy after watching this to make a simple observation — obviously, the jeopardy was taken out of this somewhat because of it being on TV. If something terrible happened and the guy’s head got smashed open, we wouldn’t see it on television! Yet, the judges in the moment are acting legitimately afraid because they don’t have that luxury. That’s where much of the entertainment lies for us, as we see Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, and Simon Cowell really struggling to get a grip on precisely what it is that they’re watching.

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Will this get a golden buzzer?

Probably not, mostly because America’s Got Talent knows at this point that the viral auditions are for the people who are not only talented, but also have that sort of powerful story that people get super-invested in. That’s what has transpired with Kodi Lee, whose audition has gone viral since it first aired — his talent is amazing, but then you’re coupling that with a moving backstory that can win everyone over in a matter of seconds.

We should note that Bir Khalsa Group does have some experience within the international Got Talent world already, and they’ve shown more than just watermelon and coconut-smashing in some of the other stuff that we’ve seen. Basically, consider this your evidence that what you’re getting here is really just the tip of the iceberg, and that there is so much more when it comes to crazy stuff that this group is going to be bringing you in due time, provided that they make the live shows — it’s personally quite hard to imagine that they won’t.

What are you expecting from Bir Khalsa Group on America’s Got Talent moving forward? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for more. (Photo: NBC.)

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