Blindspot season 5 spoilers: Don’t expect quick cliffhanger resolution

Blindspot season 4As we enter Blindspot season 5 — whenever it premieres, anyway — it’s going to be very clear that the team’s latest struggle is not an easy one to overcome. Of course, this is provided that the team is actually able to survive leading into the premiere in the first place. We recognize that there is really no guarantee of this given the explosive nature of the recent finale.

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What makes the season 4 finale, in retrospect, so unusual is that a lot of it is based on a premise that you rarely ever see with this show — we’re talking here about a situation that hasn’t really happened before where the Big Bad is actually able to get a win. Madeline is now in control, and it’s going to be up to Jane and whoever survives to find a way to get home and clear their name in the process. This is not going to be an easy process for anyone to figure out. As a matter of fact, this could be a process that takes a long time.

Speaking on the subject of the finale quest and the future in a new postmortem piece via TVLine, here is just some of what executive producer Martin Gero had to say:

There’s a couple reasons [for Madeline’s victory]. One, we want to be unexpected. We want our audience not to be ahead of us all the time. And you’re absolutely right: For the most part, the season finales — because we’re novelistic in our approach and every season has a beginning, middle and end — typically have the bad guys get their comeuppance. When we started talking about Season 4 — or, more importantly, what we wanted to do with Season 5 — we just decided, “Man, it’d be so awesome to spend the whole season laying the groundwork for Madeline to just win.” We really have the team take a loss, which you don’t often see in procedural television. It was super exciting for us, because it leads to a very propulsive Season 5, unlike any [season] we’ve ever done. It’s basically the team against the world, trying to still take down Madeline but also trying to clear their name. And this isn’t going to be something like, “They’ll be back on the FBI set by Episode 2!” The whole final season is about getting back home.

If that’s not an incredible tease for season 5, what is?

One other thing to consider

Gero also does note within this interview that it’s certainly possible that not everyone in that cabin at the time of the explosion makes it out alive. We like to think that Reade, Zapata, Patterson, and Weller make it out because they are so much of this show’s core … but killing a character or two off would be a way to ratchet up the drama for the final season. We just don’t really want it because we want to see the series end on a high note.

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