Blindspot season 4 finale review: The cliffhanger blows up the world

Blindspot season 4

Entering the Blindspot season 4 finale on NBC Friday night, you had a good sense of just what the stakes were. The team was heading off to Iceland in hopes of stopping Madeline’s epic plot — even though Dominic was dead, that was hardly the end of the road for their troubles.

The longer the episode went, and the clearer it was that all of our heroes were going to be screwed — they stood a chance of being arrested the moment that they arrived in Scotland, as Kathy and others were able to orchestrate a scheme like no other in order to frame Jane, Weller, Patterson, and others for the attack. Some of their own mistakes ended up digging the hole for them even further; take, for example, Kathy getting money from Patterson. Meanwhile, she was also able to set things up in such a way in which it looked as though Weller and others were paid off.

While Madeline was wrongfully apologized to and treated like she was some sort of hero, Jane and Weller found themselves at the center of a hostage crisis. It was certainly an unusual one, given that they had to be the ones holding people hostage as they did whatever they could in order to buy their time. Why do that? It has something to do with ‘Ice Cream,” Rich Dotcom’s old friend. He was able to get some SWAT uniforms in order to ensure that Jane and Weller could be rescued by some of their friends.

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So while the good guys were able to keep themselves from being arrested or killed, there was another problem — trying to figure out a way in which to make sure that their names were cleared. It was up to Rich seemingly to do that, but the problem is that there wasn’t a whole lot of flexibility for him.

How did everything in?

The closing minutes were all sorts of intense. After all, you have Madeline proclaiming that the FBI ruined her family and, because of that, she was going to do everything that she could to completely ruin the agency once and for all.

Meanwhile, Patterson did her best to get the team fake IDs (not great ones, mind you) to fight what they were up against together. They didn’t have enough time or enough means in order for any of them to be able to actually make it through this situation that they were dealing with in one piece. Weller made it clear that they were a family (regardless of what he said), and they were prepared for whatever their next life was going to be.

For those wondering, there was a nice little moment in here for Reade and Zapata … so at least they have that. Unfortunately, moments later the FBI noted a connection between Rich and Ice Cream and, following that, it looked as though Madeline and some of her “associates” were ready to hit the team with a drone strike.

Is … everyone dead? Well, that’s something that you really should be wondering about judging from the end of the finale with that cliffhanger.

CarterMatt Verdict

Wow. We don’t really know what else to say. Just … wow, and a lot of swear words.

When could Blindspot return with season 5 on NBC?

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