Should NCIS season 17 finally re-introduce crossovers to the mix?

NCISNCIS season 17 already has one enormous selling point in the return of Cote de Pablo as Ziva. Depending on how it plays its cards, it could end up having another. Think along the lines of a possible crossover.

Why hasn’t NCIS done more of these over the years? There are a number of reasons, with some of them far too complicated to really explain within the scope of this article. Nevertheless, we do think that there is a great deal of appeal to busting out something like this.

1. Think in terms of the promotional opportunity – CBS hasn’t really had a chance to promote something like this within the NCIS world for a while, and they would at least be able to create a cool event around it. Think about it this way — since FBI has only 22 episodes in comparison to the 24 for both NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, they could move NCIS: Los Angeles to a Tuesday during the season to do a three-part crossover all in one night.

2. Getting to see unique characters together – Since it’s been so long since the last crossover, there are some characters who haven’t had a chance to take part in some of the fun. Take, for example, Kasie Hines or Hannah Khoury. Everyone should get a chance to partake in some cross-show activities, right?

3. Allowing the writers to have a new challenge – After all, we think that it always helps everyone to have something new and fun to work with — and a crossover would allow certain actors to write and work with people who they don’t always get a chance to. Isn’t that an exciting proposition?

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As for why this probably won’t happen…

Crossovers are tough. Really tough. Even though NCIS: Los Angeles and then NCIS proper both film in Los Angeles, that doesn’t mean that things are easy. You have to arrange schedules, find the proper airing structure, and then also make it all work in terms of the budget.

If you want to throw in the New Orleans spin-off, it’s an even harder move to pull off. Why? Just think in terms of the multiple locations and all of the traveling that would be required in order to make that work. What we’re trying to say here is that it’s probably too complicated to make up for whatever ratings gain it could probably offer. We’d still personally love to see it, but it’s hard to imagine that such a thing is a certainty.

Also, all of these shows do have a lot of other things going on at the moment. NCIS has Ziva, NCIS: Los Angeles has Mac and Harm, and then NCIS: New Orleans has a potential reset-of-sorts now that Walker is gone. They’re going to be spending a lot of time building up their own mythology and, in the aftermath of that, they’re going to have to figure out just what they want to pull off from here.

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