Blindspot season 4 episode 21 review: Who was killed?

Blindspot season 3For Blindspot season 4 episode 21, otherwise known as the first part of the two-part finale, much of the primary focus was on … a battle of semantics? It actually felt that way for at least some of that episode, mostly because of all of the different people involved in and escalating crisis.

Take, for example, Madeline. With Dominic threatening to launch a biological attack all over the city, Weller was intent on doing everything within his power in order to stop it. This included interrogating her and trying to get information from her. Yet, she wasn’t altogether eager to get information. With that, Jane tried a different approach in getting through to Erin — as it turns out, she had some information about what they believed to be a bio-virus. However, what they ended up learning instead is that she worked to give Barry a computer virus. Very different thing, and it set up a very different threat for the country.

In hearing this, there was really just one thing that the FBI could do — scramble, and try to find the #1 way to understand what was really going on here. This was the sort of disaster that could cause not only a loss of life but throw a good chunk of the country into anarchy.

So what exactly is Project Helios? It may have been a part of Dominic’s endgame to take out much of the Eastern Seaboard. Unfortunately, he was successful to getting access to the facility in order to kickstart the next phase of his plan.  Things were bad … really bad.

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As episode 21 concluded, we saw Patterson approaching the facility — after all, she was the only person really capable of stopping Dominic’s plan before it got any worse. While she tried to thwart him via computer, Weller and Jane engaged with him — and ended up killing him. That wasn’t good — because his phone was locked, they weren’t able to get some of the information that they really needed from him.

Meanwhile, Patterson was getting an access denied message — for one of the first times, she wasn’t really able to get the job done. It wasn’t her fault — this was just the full extent of the plan. It’s going to take a little bit more time, and that’s what episode 22 is ultimately for.

Could Weller eventually leave the team?

That is something that we started to wonder, as Weller was struggling with the idea of spending weeks on end without getting all that much of an opportunity to see Bethany. It’s a painful thing to think about him leaving, but it makes a good bit of sense for him to want to. It’s a tough job, and one that takes a good bit of time.

CarterMatt Verdict

Episode 21 ended tonight with a message: Madeline may have won. Even though Dominic was dead, that grin on her face really said it all. A good portion of the entire country was in darkness — and also facing a significant bit of anarchy.

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