Luther season 6: Idris Elba on movie, other possibilities

Luther season 5

With Luther season 5 finally coming onto BBC America this weekend, that leads of course to more speculation as to what the future could hold. With that, it leads to a discussion of movies. It’s something that Idris Elba has brought up before as a way to extend the franchise’s life, and we’re sure that there are a number of interesting ways in which this could be done.

In speaking about the upcoming season via Entertainment Weekly, here is a little bit of what Elba himself had to say on the subject:

“I think we should be changing format now … The last few seasons have been more like mini-movies, and film allows us to now have more dramatic pin points moments that are slightly more compressed and it’s a bigger but smaller dose of Luther.”

Do we think that a movie version of Luther can totally work? Sure, but we do also question whether or not it is needed. These are the opinions of a television journalist and, therein, we have some bias; nonetheless, there is a major part of us that much prefers the idea of something starting in this medium remaining in this medium. What makes Luther so compelling is, in part, the smallness of it. You’re dealing with a world that almost suffocates itself, and we like that this show isn’t altogether slick or big-budget. John Luther is a tortured soul who can’t escape his own demons, and we like having a few episodes in a season to truly explore some of his psyche. That’s something that is a little bit harder to pull in a little bit more of a shorter format.

Also, viewers of Luther know where to find the finished product already — on television, where there is going to be an abundance of people at the ready in order to watch it. Luther is very popular in its present form and viewers who already pay for television may not want to go and pay for something in a separate form now. It’s a lot to ask.

(Of course, we say all of this and we’d probably be one of the first in line to see a Luther movie in the event that it happens.)

We are certainly excited to see what the future holds with Luther no matter when something more comes out — provided that it does. Nothing is confirmed at the moment, but given Elba’s frequent decisions to come back to this role, we have a hard time thinking that he is suddenly going to bail on the series now.

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