Could there be a Deadwood season 4, second movie at HBO?

Deadwood -Tonight’s Deadwood movie is one of the most hotly-anticipated television events of the year so far, and for a perfectly-good reason. Think how long it’s been since the last season came on HBO, or the shocking reason why it concluded. Tonight’s event is basically a make-good for all of the years of Deadwood we’ve missed … and for many, we have a feeling that it’s not going to be anywhere near enough.

So is there going to be a chance at a season 4 down the road? Let’s go ahead and answer the question: Probably not. As in, maybe there’s a 0.1% chance that there is going to be something more down the road. We don’t even know that there would even be anything more to explore with this concept after the movie tonight, but it is the sort of thing that you could easily think about.

If there was anything more to ever be done within the Deadwood world, obviously the first thing that you would need is some sort of compelling story; following that, you would need to have HBO’s interest. From there, maybe the right cast — and hopefully some people who are a part of the current show.

The real problem that we imagine with this is simply that we don’t really think that we need anymore from this show. The movie tonight is the resolution that we need, and we do think that there does need to be a good bit of forward movement in television. Rather than try to make Deadwood happen again after the movie, how about something else incredible for Kim Dickens, Timothy Olyphant, and a number of the other excellent cast members who populate this world? Aren’t there some other great ways in which to utilize them? We like to at least believe so, even at times when it doesn’t necessarily appear altogether obvious that there is an idea.

Of course, we do think that HBO could get involved in the Western genre (beyond Westworld) in some other fans, but that is ultimately up to whatever story they want to tell and the creative people involved. At this point, it’s much too early to start diving head-first into any rabbit holes. Instead, let’s just enjoy the opportunity to relish in the movie. You gotta be grateful for it, given that for so many years this felt almost like a TV urban legend. We kept hearing that it was something that could happen, but there wasn’t really all that much of a sign that it would.

(Of course, a part of our immediate desire to see more of Olyphant in general stems from the fact that we’re still enormously bitter over the recent cancellation of Santa Clarita Diet after three seasons.)

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