Is Good Omens renewed for season 2, canceled at Amazon?

Good Omens season 1

Is Good Omens renewed for a season 2 … or could it even be? That’s more of the question rather than the former at the moment.

Let’s kick things off here with the information that is known for certain — there is no official renewal at present over at Amazon. There hasn’t been any word of more episodes coming, and that is because this was planned as a limited series from the start. There is a defined beginning, middle, and end, and we think that, at least for now, no one is planning anything more at the moment. Speaking (via Den of Geek), here is what series author Neil Gaiman had to say on the subject:

“It’s a book, it’s a limited series, and we start at the beginning, we go to the end, we’re done, we walk away hopefully with people incredibly happy, smelling of roses, and with people saying, ‘Why can’t you do more?’ And we say, ‘Because Terry [Pratchett] and I only ever wrote the one book.'”

Of course, in the event that Good Omens manages to end up being enormously successful, we do think that there is some sort of way in which it could end up being brought back for more episodes. Remember that nobody expected that there was going to be a Big Little Lies season 2, and we’re actually getting that next month.

The major obstacle that we are imagining at present when it comes to a Good Omens season 2 is simply this: Trying to imagine how it could work with the cast that it has. A number of these people are extremely busy and have some other gigs lined up — the sort of gigs that would make it rather hard for anyone to come back. That’s, of course, provided that it performs well on Amazon and the creative team wants to come back and do more. We do think that there’s enough material in the world in order to make a little bit more … at least in theory.

If you’re enjoying Good Omens, our advice to you is to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the episodes to the fullest. There’s a good chance that you won’t get anything else, so don’t even go into it expecting that. If there is, for whatever reason, another season that comes, it’s almost certainly not going to be coming anytime soon. This is one of those renewals that would just fall off the radar because so much time passes that you even forget about the possibility.

What Amazon mostly is hoping for with this series is some sort of mainstream attention, given that this is something that they’ve been really fighting for and coveting over the past few years. That may be the biggest case for another season at Amazon, in the event this turns out to be some massive runaway hit.

Do you want to see Good Omens renewed for a season 2 over at Amazon? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and come back soon for some other news.

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