Blue Bloods season 10 spotlight: The future of Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny

Blue Bloods season 10

Blue Bloods is now officially in the midst of its annual super long summer Hiatus. We miss the Reagans already, and we realize that we’re not going to be seeing them back on the air until more than likely late September. Unfortunately, ’tis all just a part of the routine. Rinse, repeats, and maybe watch some repeats!

So, while we wait, why not dive into what has become an annual tradition? Over the course of the next several weeks, we are going to be providing you with some spotlight articles and videos to give you a further sense of where certain character stories could go moving forward. Season 10 is obviously going to be a huge one for the show. There’s an opportunity to explore these characters lives in a way that we haven’t seen, mostly because we’ve witnessed them go through so much already. They’ve changed, they’ve evolved, and we know them backwards and forwards. It creates new challenges, since the writers can’t rest on their laurels and have to push people forward in fascinating ways.

For Donnie Wahlberg and his character of Danny Reagan, he is certainly a person entering a new chapter and a different phase. During season 9, he was able to get justice for his late wife Linda and eventually opted to also take off his wedding ring. It’s something that at least signifies that he is prepared to take on whatever life throws at him. It doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that he needs to dive into a romance right away.

The subject of Danny’s love life is obviously going to be a big part of season 10 in some form. We are sure that it will be addressed at least on one or two occasions, and it may actually be interesting to see him try to enter the dating world eventually. Like with most people, you don’t end up with the very first person you go on a date with, or in Danny’s case, the first person you date after losing someone. We want to see him go through some highs and lows, and have some trouble with this personal life. It’s only human that you run into issues that cause you to question your own ability to get back out there. An insecure Danny may be bad for Danny, but it’s quality material for Donnie to play.

As for Danny the cop, season 10 marks a new opportunity to potentially address whether or not he is happy in his current position. Given that both Jamie and Erin have receive promotions recently, could it be Danny’s turn for something like that? In terms of his career, it is an exciting prospect! Who doesn’t want to see him be rewarded for all of his success?

The tricky part of this comes via his relationship and partnership with Baez. We don’t exactly think that anyone is on board with the idea of these two characters being split up, and no matter what happens for Danny career-wise, we went to see him continue to work with her. They lift each other up, and they also mess with each other in a way that is definitely delightful. Maybe give them the chance to work on some sort of long-term case that they have to investigate throughout most of the season. We’ve seen Danny face off against some formidable adversaries, and it would actually be interesting to see him take on more of a consistent mystery. Maybe he runs into something where he doesn’t know who the criminal is for quite some time and it is a struggle for him to figure that out.

Finally, it would be nice to spend some time with Danny the dad and kind of watch him go through the issues that relate to his sons becoming young adults. How will he adapt to that, and how could he eventually adapt to having an empty house? He needs to be a mentor and a guide to the boys, but it’s hard when you’re going through your own stuff.

Meanwhile, what do you want to see for Danny Reagan throughout Blue Bloods season 10? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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