Is Dynasty new tonight on The CW? Early season 3 expectations

DynastyIs Dynasty new tonight on the CW? Based on the way in which the story ended last week, there’s going to be a demand for more episodes. How in the world couldn’t there be? We got to know what happened with Liam pretty much immediately…

Unfortunately, here is a very sad rule of things when it comes to the TV world — you don’t really get what you want. Unfortunately, Dynasty is in fact done for the season, and you’re going to have to wait until the fall to see what is coming up on the other side of the various season 2 finale cliffhangers. In a lot of ways, we do recognize that we should just be grateful that we’re getting a season 3 at all. The ratings for season 2 were not exactly spectacular, and it seems mostly that the show was kept around due to its international and streaming performance and also the fact that it hails from CBS TV Studios and The CW likes to keep a balance between it and it shows from Warner Bros. TV.

So when Dynasty does come back on the air, what are they going to resolve? Obviously, the fate of Liam is going to be incredibly significant, in addition to figuring out whatever the future holds between him and Fallon. They’re also going to be some business arrangements that need to be worked out, and a chance to see what the tone and style of the show is moving forward. After all, we reported that Dynasty is going to be undergoing a showrunner change following season 2 and moving into season 3. Sometimes, this doesn’t really lead to anything drastic, though there have certainly been some situations where it has — check out season 4 of Community as an example of that. We don’t think that you can make any sort of blanket assumption about what this change means for now.

Ultimately, we don’t think Dynasty needs to do that much to change exactly what it is. It’s a primetime soap, so of course, they’re going to go over the top and make things dramatic and meaty and weird in all the right ways. Some of the twists are obviously going to be more successful than others. We know that for some, having Elizabeth Gillies playing (at least temporarily) the new version of Alexis was a step too far. For others, it was a perfect homage to the world of soaps that have been around for generations. This show does its best to nod to them however often it can.

Expect something in the way of a formal Dynasty season 3 premiere date at some point later this summer, but we’re expecting it to be back in October. The CW has already confirmed that it will return on Friday nights, albeit a little bit later in the night after Charmed season 2.

What do you want to see when Dynasty season 3 comes on the air? Are you bummed out like we are that it’s not on the air tonight? Share right away in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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