The Flash season 6: Is a Sue Dearbon appearance likely?

Hartley Swayer - Ralph DibnyAt the moment, it’s clear that there aren’t too many abundantly-clear teases out there in regards to The Flash season 6. The writers are being secretive … super-secretive. Maybe it’s because of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover coming but regardless, it’s obvious that the show is starting to store away their secrets in the vault … and it feels the same way for many other shows within the Arrowverse at the same time.

One of the biggest teases that we do have, crossover aside, is a chance to dive a little bit more into the story of one Ralph Dibny. What exactly is it? Let’s just say that a case file with the name “Dearbon” on it is enough to generate a considerable bit of excitement. After all, Dearbon is the maiden name of Sue Dibny, Ralph’s wife from the comics. We assumed that this moment was going to be coming, mostly for the comedy of seeing the Book of Ralph blow up in his face when msot of his ideas for dating probably don’t work.

Speaking via Hollywood Life, here is some of what Hartley Sawyer had to say on the subject of what a romance for his character could look like — though he didn’t exactly confirm Sue’s arrival to the show either:

“Well, I think what I really like about the ‘romance’ thing is that the idea of relationships can be a mirror held up to anybody and what does that bring up for him and what does that bring out in him … There’s some stuff in the comics with Sue and Ralph where they go really, really deep into that and I don’t know when exactly we’re going to see and if we’re going to see Sue, but in terms of him getting out there and dating and falling for somebody, I would love to see how he takes that on. Maybe he gets his heart broken. Maybe he gets disappointed. How would he deal with that is something that’s really exciting and interesting to me. Now that he has more confidence because the family support of Team Flash has given him this confidence to kind of mature and grow into who he was always going to be.”

As of right now, we’re all sorts of intrigued at the possibility of getting Sue on The Flash, mostly because she does add that extra dimension of excitement to this show — she is the sort of character who can generate real feelings out of the guy, and perhaps more importantly, she is someone who can add all sorts of depth to a character who didn’t really have a whole lot to do at times during season 5. If you’re going to keep Ralph around, you have to give him some meatier material … and this is a chance to really do just that.

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