‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Watch Yvonne Strahovski’s first scene

Just in case you absolutely cannot wait until Sunday night to check out some more “Dexter” (which we completely and totally understand), perhaps this is a little something that will help to tide you over: a new sneak peek to show you a first real look at the sort of person Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah McKay really is.

What’s interesting here is that despite the clip being a decent length for a sneak peek, it is still very much a struggle to figure out not only what sort of woman Hannah has become since being a part of a killing spree so many years beforehand, but also what her real thoughts are about Dexter. What is also curious is seeing Dexter get nervous for whatever reason and drop his Q-tip while trying to get a DNA swab of her cheek. Is this because he already has a little bit of a crush on her? We’re a little skeptical, if for no other reason than that Dexter is not the sort of person to really start crushing on anyone. Instead, he’s the sort of person to only act this way if the person triggers some sort of a memory. We don’t know just what it is about Hannah that is so striking, but we are sure that we will find out soon. (Personally, we’re the most curious about what side she really is on.)

Elsewhere in this episode, expect to see Dexter once again struggle with his urges to kill, especially while he tries to prove to Deb that he can adapt to her version of normalcy … even if he is only doing it to stay out of a jail cell.

What do you think about Hannah’s character so far?

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