Saturday Night Live: Revisiting Sam Heughan, Kristen Bell, Tom Ellis as host

SNLSaturday Night Live on NBC is done for the season, and more than likely, you’re probably not going to see any more new episodes until at least some point later this fall. So, while we wait, we have plenty of time to talk about perfect hosts for the upcoming season!

With that in mind, we’re going to revisit some of the people we have been wanting to see in this role for some time and discuss a little bit further why they would be PERFECT. There are some people on this list who were shocked haven’t hosted already, and there are others that we know that there are big fan movements for and we think that they would do a great job. Ideally, the best SNL hosts are the ones who are willing to go on and just make complete fun of themselves, but also make everyone at home feel completely comfortable and like they’re a part of every single joke. It’s a much harder job than it looks, but we do think most of these people would be up to the task.

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Mariska Hargitay We suppose that, at the moment, we have gotten closer to Mariska hosting SNL than ever before. After all, she did show up during the Game of Thrones spoof video alongside Ice-T in a cameo. Maybe that was like 5% validation for everyone who has been wanting to see her host for quite some time now, but we want the full 100%! Is that too much to ask?

Sam Heughan – If you’ve been reading CarterMatt for some time, there’s a good chance that you know already we’ve been pulling for Sam to take the reins as the show’s host. While Jamie Fraser may not be a character often associated with slapstick comedy, Sam as an actor has shown a propensity for having fun and demonstrating a great sense of humor. We’d actually love to see Sam and Caitriona Balfe do some things together on an episode and spoof their show in a way few others could. With Outlander arriving on Netflix and its pop culture reach still expanding, it could be enough of a pop-culture institution to merit a full hosting gig.

Tom Ellis – Why not bring a devil to Saturday Night Live? (Of course, there are a lot of unwritten jokes in here that there have been a devil or two who’ve hosted the show in the past already.) What Tom would bring to the SNL stage is a great sense of humor, but also a commitment to try a number of different things and collaborate heavily with the rest of the cat. It is Tom’s gameness that helps make Lucifer the fantastic series that it is, and game hosts are often what makes great SNL episodes.

Kristen Bell – How has Kristen Bell not hosted SNL before now? It’s a serious question that we do wonder, mostly because it just feels like she has a natural comedic sensibility for it. She’s so great at coming across as off the cuff and irreverent on The Good Place, and we have seen enough from her within television interviews to make it very clear that this is not just a product of acting. She just has a natural ability to be witty and smart in the moment and this would play really well on the actual show.

Terry Crews You know Terry Crews would do well hosting SNL given that Terry Crews does well at just about everything that Terry Crews does. We just love Terry Crews so much that we just can’t stop saying his name. Terry Crews. Anyhow, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is absolutely very busy in between that show and America’s Got Talent these days, but having him on SNL would be a comedic delight. Plus, there be a chance for a nice Andy Samberg cameo at some point in there.

Stephen Amell – While bringing on The Man Behind Oliver Queen as an SNL host may be somewhat of a long shot, we’ve seen his sense of humor on social media and after playing such a dark character for so long, wouldn’t it be a nice way to top off the Arrow experience by going on a silly sketch show and just having a good time for a while? Ultimately, ut could just be a nice entry point to whatever it is that Steven was to do next.

Issa Rae – Issa is another one of those people who seems naturally perfect for SNL, even if he hasn’t gotten the formal booking just yet. She’s shown throughout Insecure that she has a knack for being able to poke fun at herself, and also tackle some of the relatable issues that SNL does sometimes portray here and there in various sketches. Giving her writing talents, she could also be useful in coming up with various sketch ideas and working with the established writing team to make the episode as strong as humanly possible.

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