Outlander video: More insight into Phaedre – Lizzie ‘Untold’ scene

Outlander season 4Many of you out there may have already had a chance to dive into the Outlander season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray collection, which is certainly exciting news for a number of different reasons. think in terms of the behind-the-scenes featurettes, the blooper reel, the episodes (of course), and also the opportunity to see some scenes for the first time in Outlander Untold. These were shot specifically for the purpose of the DVD to give people out there a little more context into some characters you don’t get that sort of personal perspective on.

One such example of this sort of perspective comes via Pheadre and Lizzie, who star at the center of a scene entitled “Tea for Two” where they really get to know each other better — and, in particular, they realize that there really isn’t any reason for there to be a rivalry. They both ultimately want the same thing, and that is making sure that Brianna is okay and properly cared for. They recognize the responsibility that this, in turn, puts upon each one of them.

In the video below (via Parade), you can see executive producers Maril Davis and Matthew B. Roberts speak out about this subject — meanwhile, Roberts also added the following in terms of the impetus behind this particular Untold Scene:

“We use our very amazing, strong character actors … These scenes are any scene you wondered a little more about. I think ‘Tea for Two’ is really fantastic in the sense that we always wondered how Lizzie and Phaedre got along in helping Brianna get through her pregnancy, because they both vied for her attention.”

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There’s a chance that you’ve already had a chance to watch some of these scenes, and with that, you should know already that there are some plans to bring more of these to set for season 5. We almost wish that there could be a bonus scene in almost every episode since there are so many characters we want to know a little bit more about.

So why not just extend the episodes and give us more of the supporting characters throughout? The simple answer to that, other than that Starz only has so much time to give per episode, is that the show also wants to move about at its own particular pace. If you have too many scenes that are separate from the main storyline, it can cause the tempo and the speed of the show to putter out a little bit. Starz needs Outlander to keep chugging along at a steady speed, and not have anything within there that serves as an interruption … even if it is an entertaining one.

So keep going, Outlander Untold. Even if we only get to see you in some bonus scenes on the DVD, we already know that these are going to be more than a little worthwhile.

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