Is The Village new tonight on NBC? What we’re waiting for

The VillageIs The Village new tonight on NBC? Let’s not waste a whole lot of time here before giving you the bad news: The show is done for the season. Heck, it could even be done for the series.

One of the things that is so hard to digest and accept at the moment is the idea that this is a show still waiting for good or bad news. NBC is stalling when it comes to a decision of this show and others — think along the likes of it, The Enemy Within, and also Abby’s. This was a strategy apparently on their part so that they can look at some of the DVR ratings and streaming numbers that are out there before rendering a verdict one way or another.

Do we think that The Village still has a chance? We wouldn’t bank on it as a sure thing, but there are a lot of reasons why NBC would want to at least consider another run, starting with its feel-good, pull-at-your-heartstrings nature. It remains perfectly tonally for a network that already has This Is Us and one that is continuing to put a big emphasis on programming that really drives home emotion and finding a way to make you feel like someone and somebody special. There’s just a lot of really good, super-rich story that can still be mined from this world and these characters, and obviously, there is an audience out there. If there wasn’t, NBC would have already pulled the plug and sent everyone on their marry way.

So when do we think that a verdict will be reached on a possible season 2 for The Village? Think in terms of over the next few weeks. We don’t foresee it taking longer than that, largely because we’re not altogether sure that it can take longer than that. There’s a certain window that some of this stuff needs to be done in because otherwise, you lose out potentially on your cast. We also do still think that the earlier you renew The Village, if NBC wants to do that, the more you set it up for success down the road. It gives viewers confidence!

While we don’t like to view things within such a cynical lens, we are certainly aware of the fact that there are many people out there who are wary of network television in general. Their basic fear is that they don’t even want to get into a show like this anymore, largely because they’re concerned that cancellation will come and, effectively, ruin something that they have gotten fully into and are excited about. We’re worried about the future of The Village based on the live ratings, but hopefully someone at the network sees something within these lyrics and recognizes that this is a journey worth visiting once more.

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