Britain’s Got Talent results: Did Siobhan Phillips, Giorgia Borg, 4MG advance?

Alesha Dixon Golden BuzzerTonight, the latest Britain’s Got Talent results aired on ITV and from the very start, we imagined that they were going to be divisive. After all, this was going to amount for personal taste. Is an energetic young singer with original material (Giorgia Borg) going to be more well-received than someone in Faith Tucker doing an operatic version of another song? Meanwhile, would Matt Stirling’s stunt-based performance be better than what 4MG did for their own?

We already posted in our review from a little earlier on in the night that if we were to have it our way, we would likely be putting through Giorgia and Matt given that what they did was both entertaining and also stood out from the standard acts in their categories. We’d also be fine with the Vardanyan Brothers moving forward, just because danger acts never really get anywhere near the love that they probably should for some of their work.

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Let’s cut to the chase here since the first order of business here was narrowing down the list to the top three. The first stunner was learning that Giorgia was going home without even being up for the top three. Meanwhile, Siobhan Phillips was in the top three, and the same goes here for 4MG and then also Matt Stirling.

Of this group, we were the most surprised to see Siobhan there, but we get it — she’s incredibly relatable and that does have a certain degree of staying power with this show. The winner of the night was 4MG, which we certainly understand given that they delivered a good series of tricks … but they obviously have some of that boyband feel, as well.

Who did the judges choose?

We were concerned a little bit about the fact that Matt was going to be punished because another magic act was pushed through … and here we are. We do think that Matt was punished given that Siobhan managed to go through. Is she talented? Absolutely, but we do think that a lot of her advancing is based somewhat on heart, the same sort of thing that we talked about yesterday. Because she is somewhat of a normal person who just went up on stage and had a go at this, we do think she was almost instantly appealing to a lot of people out there. We don’t think that she can win, but she certainly did enough in order to win over the British public.

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