Outlander notes: Season 4 DVD release! More feline fun with Adso

Outlander season 4There are a couple of subjects worth getting into in regards to this morning’s Outlander notes, but we absolutely have to kick things off with the obvious news of the day — the season 4 DVD and Blu-Ray are officially out!

We can’t think of a better week in the current Droughtlander than this one, at least when it comes to Outlander delivering content. Think about it. Yesterday, we had a chance to see the official release of the first two seasons on Netflix. With that, there are plenty of fans out there who are getting a chance to check out the series who perhaps haven’t had that opportunity beforehand. With the DVD release, there are obviously many fans out there who are getting a chance to re-watch old episodes and also see for the first time some of the Outlander Untold scenes — extra footage made specifically for this collection.

Ultimately, we’re sure that the DVD set is going to have enough special features and other good stuff included in it to keep everyone busy — at least for a little while. If nothing else, we give the folks over at Sony Pictures TV some credit for being able to deliver so much great material so that people want to really buy the set. DVD/Blu-Rays for some shows aren’t exactly in demand anymore, mostly because there is such an “oh, I’ll just stream it” feeling that a lot of people have. You gotta create something more these days to turn people into buyers.

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What’s happening on the season 5 set?

While everything is going on right now when it comes to the DVD release and the arrival of old episodes on Netflix, it’s easy to forget that the new season is still in production! Just last week, the show officially introduced everyone to Adso the cast for the first time, and in a new post on Caitriona Balfe’s Instagram Stories, you can see her working with her new feline friend even further. Adso plays an important role for Claire as a surgeon — basically, he’s quite valuable in keeping all the mice at bay.

Meanwhile, Sam Heughan also makes it clear in the Twitter post below that he’s certainly quite the Adso fan in his own right. (Obviously, the gif is of a different cat.)

We ultimately think that one of the reasons why Adso is so popular already is that he allows such a change of pace for a lot of the actors. After spending so much time dealing with relative sameness or familiarity on set, the cat represents something new and something rather fun … even if working with animals is often far from easy. We imagine it’s even harder with a cat than a dog like Rollo.

Want to get some more news regarding Outlander?

Then remember to check out the link here! Meanwhile, let us know in the comments if you’ve already picked up the official season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray. (Photo: Starz.)

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