The Hot Zone episode 3 preview: What’s next for Julianna Margulies, cast?

The Hot ZoneDo you want to know what’s coming on The Hot Zone episode 3? The limited series is returning tomorrow night with two more hours, and through those, you’ll see more of the procedure and the challenges that go along with the ebola crisis. It’s not something that the United States was prepared for, and what makes this production so fascinating is that it’s looking at a very important moment in history … and also a forgotten moment in history. It’s one that hasn’t quite been fully explored, but we’re hoping that this is a trend that changes before too long.

So where is this series going to go moving forward? Basically, we’re going to see the show explore the idea of Nancy Jaxx and some other characters try to control what is almost uncontrollable. This is going to be a difficult struggle for her and, really, the majority of the government to try and figure out. Things will spread rapidly, there’s going to be panic, and it’s really going to be up to a few different people in order to turn the tide.

Really, the best way to look at The Hot Zone is simply this — we’re getting a reminder of just how crazy and how sudden the world could have turned. It’s really just because of a small handful of people that this was not a larger calamity than what it was.

Below, CarterMatt has the official The Hot Zone episode 3 synopsis with some more news as to what’s coming up:

Representatives from varying agencies disagree on how to handle Dr. Nancy Jaax’s discovery, so she realizes there are few protocols in place for containing a deadly virus on the U.S. soil; and an employee at the monkey research facility falls ill.

Hopefully, The Hot Zone does turn out when the dust settles to be precisely what National Geographic hoped that it would be: A fascinating look into a particular time period and also a ratings hit at a time when there are not a whole lot of other options out there for viewers. Let’s put it this way: There aren’t too many opportunities for viewers to find consistent entertainment across Memorial Day Weekend. This is, after all, a time when there really isn’t too much else that is on.

Timing-wise, it’s also worth noting that The Hot Zone is specifically coming on at a time in which it could benefit from some awards buzz. It’s coming in right before Emmy season and with that in mind, we imagine that there could be a lot of attention. With Julianna Margulies and the rest of the cast being so top-notch, we imagine that we’re going to see a lot of attention on this show in the weeks and months to come.

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