Why did Tyler G. leave The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown? New mystery

Hannah Brown - Bachelorette castTonight on The Bachelorettewe saw the series do something that it hasn’t quite done a whole lot of over the years: Remove a contestant in-season. Tyler G. left, and with that, there were certainly a number of different questions. Take, for example, this: why? Why did this happen?

The show itself tonight didn’t really spend a whole lot of time addressing Tyler’s exit, other than having Hannah Brown in a confessional saying that Tyler was gone and that it was a bummer. He was the first person to get a one-on-one date this season and because of that, he could’ve stuck around for a long time. We’ve seen that in the past.

While the series itself didn’t spend much time on Tyler’s exit, there are certainly rumors all over the place. Take, for example, a Reddit thread that discusses some controversial behavior on the part of Tyler. There accusations of him being a little bit less than stellar with some exes, but to date, all of the allegations are simply this. The internet scuttlebutt is that Tyler was asked to leave by producers rather than the other way around, but we’re sure that there is going to be an opportunity to see him speak out in the near future.

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Ultimately, Tyler leaving may have just been a decision that the producers felt was right, and they just let be that rather than trying to do something that they made into a huge story on the show itself. If his exit was due to some issues within his past, discussing it on the series would only come back on them for casting him to begin with. That’s something that there’s been some criticism on before.

We should note that all of the discussion out there is unverified, and even in the Reddit thread that we mentioned earlier, there are some people who claim that they know Tyler and that the information is inaccurate. Yet, if producers had just the slightest bit of concern or feeling that he was not right for the show and it would create more harm than good, then they made the right decision. They have to think about their show, but also think about Hannah and putting themselves in the midst of a problem later on down the road. Remember that nobody is promised a chance to be on The Bachelorette and if they got a sense that Tyler’s participation would lead to a larger scandal at some point down the road, they may have felt it better to move forward before things got serious.

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