A Million Little Things season 2 spoilers: Who will you see more of?

A Million Little ThingsWaiting can be hard sometimes, but moving into A Million Little Things season 2, patience is going to be rather necessary. After all, we’re not going to see new episodes until the fall, and even when they arrive, this is not the sort of series that is going to be altogether keen to give you a whole lot of information right away. It’s going to take time, and with that, it’s going to take a heck of a lot of guesswork, theorizing, and trying to keep our head on straight. Think about how long the show made us wait in order to get more of Barbara in season 2.

If you are in the camp of people who still does want more Barbara featured on the series, rest assured since there will be more coming your way before long. That was confirmed in a post on Twitter from executive producer DJ Nash, which should be great news for all Drea de Matteo fans out there. This is a character who still has many more chapters to be written, largely because we waited for so long to get a lot of the answers and some are still fluttering out there.

If you’re looking for some other news, Nash also noted that he’s hoping to bring back Christina Ochoa as Ashley for the second season. The character departed during the first season, but we certainly think there are plenty of ways to bring her back to be a part of this series ecosystem. Really, in general, the big priority for the producers of A Million Little Things should just be finding unique ways to include the characters that they have. (Personally, we’re hoping that Chandler Riggs gets to stick around and have a little bit of a larger role.)

Given that scripts for A Million Little Things season 2 are currently being written, it is at least nice to know that you don’t have to wait around to see some of the first pre-production boxes be checked off. Hopefully, later this summer, a new promo will emerge with footage — it benefits ABC to promote this series as hard as humanly possible, especially since they did show so much initial faith in it by keeping it on Thursday nights following Grey’s Anatomy. That’s one of the best timeslots any show can hope to have, and we’ve already seen from this series that it’s more than capable of delivering nice numbers there.

While you wait for a little bit more insight…

Rest assured, we’ve got some of the latest for you over here! We highly suggest that you check some of that coverage out, at least if you want to get some more news on this show’s overall progress. The next few months will be long, but we’re hoping for a great payoff on the other side.

What do you want to see on A Million Little Things season 2? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and come back soon for some other news. (Photo: ABC.)

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