The 100 season 6 episode 5 video: About ‘The Gospel of Josephine’

The 100Tuesday night is bringing you The 100 season 6 episode 5, and it’s abundantly clear that this hour of TV is going to be a little bit different. As a matter of fact, we’d be willing to wager that this could end up being one of the most experimental episodes of the CW series that we’ve seen. How else do you really describe it given that we’re dealing with Josephine … and not so much Clarke?

In the video below, series boss Jason Rothenberg does his part to break down the story that is coming within “The Gospel of Josephine,” one where you’ll have a chance to see Eliza Taylor really dive into this new character, someone who is very different from the person she’s played for so many years. For Taylor, this has to be an actor’s dream to explore someone totally new while still getting to play with similar performers who you’ve worked with on so many occasions in the past. Josephine has her own motivations, and a quest to really reconcile who she is but also now where she is. That’s not the easiest thing in the world to deal with.

Then, there’s also this struggle that makes it fascinating: Anytime one of Clarke’s friends takes a look at Josephine, they’re going to see Clarke — as a result of that, it’s hard to imagine that they are going to be altogether keen on the idea of having someone running around who looks like someone they love. There could be conflict that stems from this and it could send one domino falling that, of course, leads to many others. This is an exciting way to begin an episode, one that will most likely have a cavalcade of twists coming after this.

Of course, there is another important question to wonder at the moment — where do we go from here? Is there going to be an opportunity to actually see Clarke again? We know that Rothenburg is doing his best within this sneak peek to almost be in the moment and not tip his cap too much one way or another, but personally, we have a rather hard time imagining that Clarke doesn’t find her way. It may not happen in the most conventional way, and there could be some surprising consequences, but our jaw is going to be hanging two feet from the rest of our face if we lose this real, foundational character for good. That seems like one of those things that would actually make people flee this show, even if they’ve stuck through some of the other polarizing decisions that have been made over the years.

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