Outlander season 1 on Netflix: The five episodes to absolutely re-watch

Outlander 1It’s true — Outlander seasons 1 and 2 are almost on Netflix! They may even be there at the time in which you’re reading this, so while you wait to check them out, we wanted to offer up at least some sort of guide to some of the strongest stories you’re going to see told. These are the episodes most worthy of a re-watch in season 1, though of course we highly recommend a binge of all of them — or to check them out for the first time if you’re just now joining the fandom! We hope that there are many more viewers who will get on board with the rollercoaster of emotions and stellar production values — this show offers so much, in between a love story and action, drama, and a historical tapestry to explore.

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Sassenach – Obviously, we were going to have this on here. It’s the pilot! Without the beginning, there can be no middle or an end. That aside, this is a beautifully composed start to the series and an opportunity to see Claire Randall’s life before the time-travel happened. It holds up incredibly well now, especially as a means of contrast. We can’t quite say this with every other pilot episode that is out there. It also showed how fantastic Caitriona Balfe is as Claire from her very first frame. (Episode 1.)

The Wedding – This is one of the most-discussed episodes out there of the series for many reasons, but we think one of the most overlooked aspects of it is how it fully explores the emotional turmoil within Claire’s head, reconciling the feelings that she has for Jamie within this timeline with those that she had for Frank — understanding the two sides of her heart and also where she wants to stand within the future and the past. (Episode 7.)

The Reckoning – While the premiere is a great opportunity to get a window into the soul of Claire, this is actually one of the best depictions of Jamie at this point in the series’ run. It was actually the midseason and with that, it served as a nice way to mirror the premiere episode — though Jamie was of course staying within a singular timeline. (Episode 9.)

Lallybroch – We love this episode, though we could also say this about many an episode set around the family home for the Frasers. There’s just such a beauty there, and almost every visit allows for an opportunity for fantastic character growth and evolution. Laura Donnelly is also brilliant as Jenny — there’s a reason she’s being courted for so much work now, including HBO’s upcoming The Nevers. (Episode 12.)

To Ransom a Man’s Soul – This is simply the performance of Sam Heughan’s career, especially combined with the episode before in “Wentworth Prison.” By no means are these easy episodes to watch because of the psychological torment and suffering that Jamie endures, but they are critically important to understand both the depths of his trauma and also the depths of Jonathan Randall’s evil. It shows how bold Outlander is willing to be in adapting key stories. (Episode 16, finale.)

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