Blindspot season 4 episode 20 review: Briana’s decision; Weller’s family time

Blindspot season 4

Blindspot has spent a lot of money this season traveling around from one place to the next, and provided a lot of big-time action in the process. How they’d get the budget for that? Well, we thought at first with “Coder to Killer,” this was going to be a slightly-less crazy episode that existed for the purpose of saving cash.

Then, things caught on fire and we’re as confused with this show’s economy as ever. Throughout this episode, the scope expanded outward as we started to see an episode that was mostly about family, emotional connections, and handing tough times.

Anyhow, the main story of tonight’s episode involved a dangerous takeover situation within the FBI, one in which a hacker named Pavel ran in scheme in order to get some more information to take down Cheryl, a newly-retired Colonel. This was all about collecting as much information as possible, and then beyond that, finding a way to then act on said information. Because Pavel was able to infiltrate the building undetected at first, it took some time to both find him and then understand what he was up to.

From there, we then saw a rescue mission — one that was all about trying to find a way to make sure that Cheryl was okay and protected. It was dark (not Game of Thrones dark, mind you), but Weller and Pavel ended up engaging in some fisticuffs as Pavel tried to execute his mission. Of course (this isn’t the finale), Weller and the team were successful.

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As for the other stakes of this episode…

Would Briana actually find herself in a situation where she would betray the team? She obviously didn’t want to, but one of the problems here is simply that Del Toro seems to have her, and those she cares about, in the worst possible spot. Right when things started to feel clear to her and she wanted out, she’s getting sent right back in.

Now, let’s talk family

For Patterson, she decided to move closer to the idea of potentially adopting a kid … or at least getting started on the process after spending a lot of time with Bethany. In speaking of which, Weller was concerned through most of the episode about not getting enough of a chance to spend time with his daughter — his job was important, but he didn’t want to miss out on time with his family. These are the moments for him, after all, that are going to matter when some of the dust settles.

CarterMatt Verdict

Blindspot season 4 episode 20 ended off at first on such a happy, emotional note with Weller and Jane going off with Bethany to the zoo. Unfortunately moments after that, we saw Briana break in and make a move on the safe. All of this is leading up to an epic two-hour finale next week — go ahead and try to prepare now!

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