Poll: What NCIS, Blue Bloods, Lucifer, Criminal Minds, or Shadowhunters ‘ship had most romantic finale moment?

Of course, there are so many ways in which you can showcase a relationship’s development on TV in some ways. Sometimes, it’s seeing two characters kiss, witnessing a proposal, or just getting an opportunity to see their story inch ever closer to getting together. TV romances often move at different speeds!

Below, you can see ten of the most romantic moments of finale — at least from this vantage point. Check them out, and then vote for your favorite ‘ship moment in the poll below! Voting will remain open until Saturday, June 1 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern — be sure to vote as often as you’d like until then. (If you’re having trouble voting, technical info can be found at the bottom of the page.)

Bishop & Torres, NCIS – Ironically, this is a moment that both characters weren’t even present for — instead, it was Kasie making it clear that she was more than aware of the feelings that Torres seems to have for Ellie. Maybe this leads to those feelings being even more public next season?

Bobby & Athena, 911 – Sure, the wedding was a little bit sudden, but it was also appropriate for these two characters in the position that they’re in at this point. They care about each other, and this is just something they knew that they wanted. Because of that, they ran to it.

Conrad & Nic, The Resident – Finally, it seems like the two are committing to each other! Even though there may not be plans for a wedding or something more down the line, at least the two are actually together now! There will still be conflict, but it’s a small step in what could eventually be a great, romantic future.

Jamie & Eddie, Blue Bloods – Was the actual wedding between them as advertised? Hardly, but it’s hard to take away from some of the sweet moments of the two of them leading up to it. No cutting off the wedding early can take away from how anyone feels about the two of them being together — or tying the knot!

Lucifer & Chloe, Lucifer – Sure, the conclusion to the season 4 finale on Netflix may not have led to Lucifer and Chloe being together in Los Angeles (at least for now), but hearing Chloe profess her love to him and accept him was a lovely, full-circle way to culminate the entire season.

Magnus & Alec, Shadowhunters – You waited for most of the series to see the two parties take the next step in their relationship, and they did that in the epic series finale wedding. It was beautiful, and certainly a lovely way to end their story after it felt like they were on the brink of disaster throughout.

Meredith & DeLuca, Grey’s Anatomy – We don’t know how you can call Meredith saying “I love you” to him anything other than an epic finale moment. It basically opens the door for so much more in what seems to be now a very serious relationship.

Oliver & Felicity, Arrow – While seeing Oliver say goodbye to Felicity in the present was heartbreaking, that doesn’t take too much away from their peaceful, romantic time before that farewell … or learning at the end of the episode that there was a way that Oliver was still alive, and that there will be a chance for him to be with her in the future.

Reid & JJ, Criminal Minds – Is the finale polarizing? Absolutely, but if you’re someone who’s been ‘shipping Reid & JJ for the majority of the series’ run, it’s hard to think you found anything other than joy and relief in seeing the “I’ve always loved you” moment.

Stella & Severide, Chicago Fire – They’re finally back together! This was something that was a long time coming, and the moment feels very much like a culmination of all of the different struggles and tribulations that the two characters went through. Now, let’s just hope that this actually lasts and turns into something even greater…

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