Siren season 2 episode 11 review: Ryn sings to Maddie… and it’s bad

Siren season 2Siren season 2 has put Ben in an impossible situation: Get more stem cells from Ryn and help his mother, or don’t get the stem cells and hope that Ryn’s mental state returns to normal. After extracting Ryn’s stem cells, she has become aggressive and unpredictable and right now she is feeling all these things while she’s out in the wind. Can Ben and Maddie find her and even if they do will Ryn be able to control herself enough to listen to them?

Unexpected help

With Ryn running into the woods Ben and Maddie know that they are going to need help bigger then just the two of them, so they call in Nicole and tell her what happened. They are able to convince Nicole that calling her superior is only going to come down on her for letting this get out of hand and she agrees to use some of the tools at her disposal to help track Ryn down.

After finding her in the woods Ryn uses her siren song on Maddie getting her to drop her guard. We know that Maddie has heard Ryn’s song through audio, but will the real life version do something different to her? Ryn singing helps to bring herself out of this manic state and they are able to finally talk to her about what’s going on. She says that she knows she’s doing bad things and can remember everything – she just doesn’t know why she can’t control herself.

So did the song effect Maddie and Ben like Decker? They ask Nicole for help scanning their brains to see if the effect is the same and she agrees (probably going to earn her some extra brownie points with her superiors when those tests come in!). When the tests come in it’s clear that there are some similarities to Decker’s scans – it’s not as bad as his was, but the damage is there for both Ben and Maddie.

When it comes to Ryn’s song they give the recording of the song to Nicole and her team starts testing it to figure out if there is a way to maybe stop the damage from getting worse or even reverse it. Instead of it being a help, Nicole’s boss finds out about the song and the effects it’s had on a mouse (which went crazy and killed itself) and now wants this song to be the main priority. Could he be looking to use it as a weapon? Feels like that’s where we could be going with this.

Ryn’s song effects Maddie

She’s become aggressive and snappy in some ways (something that we never see with her) and then we saw her go to kiss Xander when the song started in her head again. Ben has gotten some kind of control over it and we haven’t seen much with him and the song lately, but Maddie is struggling and it’s making her act in ways she never would. Add to that she’s also having what can best be described as hallucinations, one where she is driving in real life and thinks that she’s hit Ryn with her car… but she’s actually hit no one.

Love exposed

Not many people know that Ryn, Maddie and Ben are all in love and are all in a relationship together, but this episode let everyone in on the romance. Maddie’s mom told Xander (kind of by accident – she assumed he knew) and Maddie told Ben’s entire family and Helen at a dinner party when she was having one of her episodes being under the influence of Ryn’s song. At least everyone knows now and they can stop hiding their relationship. We get that it’s not conventional, but they shouldn’t have to hide it.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We have long been confused about the effects of the siren song so we are glad that they are starting to move the story more into this area. Decker, Ben and Maddie all heard the song in person and it’s driving them crazy to different degrees, but when Maddie, Nicole and the lab tech heard the recording of the song they were fine. Then the mouse heard the song through the recording and went crazy. It’s all getting a bit muddied here and we would love to know what the real deal is with this song.

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