Blindspot season 4 episode 20 video: Why Weller wants pancakes

Blindspot season 4It’s been a considerable wait the past couple of weeks, but come Friday, Blindspot season 4 episode 20 is going to arrive. This episode, entitled “Coder to Killer,” is one that will have its fair share of dramatic moments — some of them have stakes that are life and death, but then some others are a little bit more painful and personal.

For one example of this, all you have to do is look below! In this scene, you can see a conversation unfold between Jane and Weller that is mostly about one thing more than anything else: Breakfast. Or, to be specific, Weller wanting to make sure that he and Bethany are able to get breakfast. In the midst of what is going on with him and the FBI, he doesn’t want to become some sort of absentee father. He wants to feel like he’s there, and he wants to find a way to lend his voice and actually a helping hand in moments where it matters the most. He doesn’t want to be a stranger, or for that thought to even cross her mind.

Throughout the episode Friday, we’ll see some of the stakes rise and with that, a little bit more in the way of Weller’s pain. This is the sort of thing that does always happen when you get to the end of a given season, where there’s a larger threat that sends Jane and Weller aware from what little normalcy that they had. While they’re going to have to deal with in the finale is a race against time and them doing whatever they can in order to gather their resources.

What we do think makes Friday’s episode so fascinating is that whether it be cybercrime or extremely dangerous situations in the public eye, “Coder to Killer” is probably going to bring everything to the table. This is going to be a fantastic opportunity in order to build up stories for everyone, whether it be Jane, Weller, Patterson, Reader, or anyone else who’s a part of the game.

We know that there’s a lot of danger and drama coming up; we just hope that there are some pancakes mixed in here somewhere.

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Then head over to the link here, as that’s where you can get a little more insight all about the show and what’s coming up on Friday. We’ll be back with a full review of the episode then, coupled with a full preview for what’s coming up on the epic finale.

Ultimately, whatever happens through Blindspot season 4 is going to set up the endgame for season 5 — the final season of the show. Even though we may not be emotionally ready for the idea of it just yet, we have to start accepting it. Otherwise, it’s going to be rather difficult to ever fully prepare for the end of the road.

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