Is Station 19 new tonight on ABC? More season 3 expectations

Station 19Are we going to see Station 19 new tonight on ABC? Within this piece, we’re taking that on — but then also looking more towards what could be a future full of waiting for the ABC drama.

Let’s go ahead and get some of the not-so-great news out of the way right now: Station 19 is done for the spring, and based on the current schedule, it’s also going to be done for the fall. Because of ABC putting A Million Little Things on Thursday night after Grey’s Anatomy, more than likely you’ll be waiting until winter/early spring to see these firefighters back in action. That’s a hiatus no one really endorses, so we’re just hoping that on the other side of that, there will be opportunities to see all sorts of great stuff. Think of that as the producers trying to compensate for ABC’s decision. (Speaking of producers, one of the biggest things that we know already is that Krista Vernoff is going to be stepping in as showrunner, replacing Stacy McKee.)

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So what sort of things should you be wondering about entering the third season? Well, consider some of the following below.

What’s next for Sullivan and Andy? Right when it started to seem like we were building towards something big, Sullivan stepped away from the idea of the two them being together. Seemingly, it has to do with his leg, but how long is he going to be able to keep this a secret? We’ll have a chance to find out in due time.

How many crossovers will there be? We’ve already discussed the idea of there being a lot of them with Grey’s Anatomy — that seems to be something that ABC wants and with that, something we’re probably going to get. We suppose, though, that one of the biggest challenges there is going to be employing them without it feeling hokey, or just giving us crossovers for the sake of crossovers and taking away from a legitimate story.

Will Ben lose his job? It’s a great thing in a lot of ways to have someone on staff with the medical experience of Ben Warren, but a problem here comes via the muscle memory. If Ben thinks that he knows a way to save someone in the moment, he’s going to try to do it and think about the consequences later. That’s just something that is firmly entrenched in his DNA. If he keeps his job (which we imagine he will, albeit on a short leash), he’s going to have to tow the line between protocol and what he thinks is right.

Will Travis end up being in prison for a long time? We don’t think so — it’d be weird if he did since it would shorten the Station’s roster. We think that the larger question is whether or not the aftereffects of this stick with him or change him in some way as a person.

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