Star Trek: Picard teaser highlights Jean-Luc the … winemaker?

PicardToday, CBS officially uploaded the first significant teaser for Star Trek: Picardand we feel like it does an exceptional job at one thing more than any other: Getting you nostalgic, teary-eyed, and amped up for what is coming up.

Also, it establishes that Jean-Luc is not exactly in the same precise place that he was back during Star Trek: The Next Generation so many years ago — instead, he’s in full-on winemaker mode, with the narrator questioning his departure from Starfleet. It’s not exactly out of left field that Picard would move towards the grapes as a career option, given that Chateau Picard does already have a place within series lore (and it is also an actual wine in real life). Picard is also a man older in life and, at a certain point, we do understand why he would want to slow down some of the adventures of his past. Maybe he’s had some hope for humankind taken out of him; maybe he’s jaded. No matter how he is or what he’s been up to, we don’t exactly think that it’s fair to assume that this character is the same exact person he was back when his first major series concluded.

Star Trek: Picard is still a reasonable amount of time away from its premiere — as easy as it is to get excited about this teaser, we also don’t want to view this as some sign that we should go out somewhere and ring a gong that the show is about to come back to the air. Great things take time, and we certainly know that the expectation out there is for this to be more than just great — it’s for this show to be extraordinary. Picard is arguably one of the most beloved television characters of all time, someone who is passionate and someone who is sympathetic. He cares, he teaches, and he brings about hope for the future of this universe. There’s no better time for the character to surface.

While there isn’t too much officially known about other possible Star Trek connections to this series, we’re still crossing our fingers that there’s a way for some other former Next Generation cast members to surface and play some sort of meaningful role. We know how much this crew meant to people, and we do also hope that there’s a way in which it could happen. We also hope that if it does happen, there’s a way to keep it a surprise for as long as humanly possible. We think that this week’s NCIS finale, without giving anything away, really proved just how effective it can be when you’re able to keep a huge secret and then drop it when fans are not expecting it in the slightest.

Once there is more news out there about Star Trek: Picard, rest assured that we’ll have it within this piece.

What do you think about this new Star Trek: Picard teaser, and does it get you tremendously excited for what could be coming up? Be sure to share in the attached comments, and check back soon for more news. (Photo: CBS All Access.)

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