Is Torrey DeVitto leaving Chicago Med? A season 4 finale crisis (review)

Natalie ManningThe Chicago Med season 4 finale on Wednesday night posed many an important question, including how exactly Connor and Ava could leave the show. Of course, by the halfway point in the episode, we started to wonder if we were going to find out at all.

With the help of Dr. Nina Shore, Connor made a big discovery tonight in the death of his father — it wasn’t due to the same thing that he thought. Instead, it turned out that his passing may have had to do more with insulin that was given to him within the hospital. With that, someone within the walls of the hospital was responsible for his death … and it was mostly a question as to who it could be.

As a result of this, Connor was suspicious — and he had every right to be. He also knew that Ava hated his father — even though it wasn’t that long ago when she was the person who ended up operating on her to save his life. Yet, even if he was suspicious of Ava, he still worked with her in order to complete a delicate operation.

While the operation was a success, we can’t say anything else about Connor and Ava’s relationship. Connor didn’t want to be with her … and after that, she strongly inferred that she was the one who killed Connor’s dad, thinking that he was the one keeping the two of them apart.

Could Will leave Chicago?

That was the suggestion that we got tonight courtesy of the FBI, as it just so turned out that one of Ray’s family members was getting out of prison and could be coming for his head. Chicago wasn’t really safe for him, and we’re not really sure it will ever be — somehow, someway, there is always going to be a person with a serious ax to grind.

Yet, Will decided that he wanted to stick around Chicago, but not because of his current relationship … but because of Natalie. That means that Manstead is, at least in theory, back on! As for Phillip, we knew that he was interested in proposing to Natalie … but he was interrupted by Will’s FBI agent, who also told her how much Will loved her. Who knew that Lee was such a good Cupid?

The cliffhanger

As it turns out, the guy did come looking for Will … and may have killed Natalie in the process?

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As for some other odds and ends…

For Ethan and April, their relationship is in a better place now, but they didn’t have a whole lot of time to really focus on that. After all, they had a challenging case that made them question their thinking. It seemed to be tied, in part, to what was going on with Ethan’s sister Emily and Bernie, who didn’t exactly have a great history of being a stand-up guy. Apparently, Emily had a new plan for her future, and it turned out to be awkward … living with Bernie’s wife and daughter. This was a messy solution, but if it works for her, it works for her. Emily’s stability kinda does matter the most.

Oh, and did we mention that April may be pregnant? That seems to be the case.

On a far more painful note, Maggie was forced to face the idea that she may have breast cancer after everything that she went through with the Sydney storyline. She was going to be okay … but was Maggie? That’s something that she was going to have to figure out over time.

Meanwhile, for Dr. Charles, he was struggling to face a truth that he didn’t want to admit — that he was potentially going to lose someone he loves and cares about. He wanted to go with Carolyn to Hawaii, but since her condition may not allow it, the two decided to get married in a Hawaiian-style ceremony in Chicago. This was sweet.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Chicago Med finale packed a lot of emotion in here. There were some victories, but there were also some painful spots … but most notably, not a lot in the way of answers for Connor and Ava’s future. Apparently, the season 5 premiere is going to have to do a lot of work making the exits make sense. The one person we’re really worried about is Natalie, and for good reason based on the ending.

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