SEAL Team season 3 premiere date hopes for David Boreanaz, cast

SEAL TeamCurious to know everything that we know in regards to SEAL Team season 3 over at CBS? Then go ahead and consider this article your resource! We’ve got a number of important things to get through when it comes to this show, which we’re going to roll through here one right after the next.

When could season 3 premiere? Let’s start with this, and the simplest answer is “at some point in this fall.” CBS has already confirmed that the next batch of new episodes will air Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, which means that we are rolling back into the same exact timeslot that the show was at for the first chunk of the season. That’s tremendous news! It’s basically another way to throw some more viewers at the show. There are just more people around at 9:00 p.m. than 10:00. Once again, SEAL Team will air following Survivor, and before SWAT, which is moving to Wednesday nights after being on Thursdays.

How many episodes will it be? For the time being, the safe assumption is 22 and we’re going with that until we actually hear something otherwise. One of the great things about that longer order is that it does give us a chance to really dive in and enjoy a wide array of different character stories and missions — a part of what makes SEAL Team so fun is that it alternates between some of the mission-of-the-week stories and then the ones that leave the team on deployment a little longer. It’s through those you really see the full extent of what this job does to some of the characters.

What will happen with some of Bravo Team? Well, we’re going to see more about these characters’ past, but also new relationships and opportunities to explore. Here’s some of what star David Boreanaz had to say recently via The Hollywood Reporter:

“I think more about the pack. We identify them and see what their lives are like, new relationships, identifying past stories with where they come from, looking at their adversities they have to overcome, whether that’s in the political spectrum of Washington and someone becoming an Admiral or maybe not. Losing rank, losing power – all very character-driven stuff, and I hint at new relationships because I think we will see that, but it will take a little time. Maybe a good love story.”

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Could that love story involve Jason? We know that everyone out there wants to see the guy happy, especially after everything that he went through with Alana. This could be an opportunity for that to happen, though we also think there’s still room to explore things with Sonny & Davis. Beyond just romantic relationships, there’s also family stuff and a whole host of other dynamics that the writing team could opt to dive into if given an opportunity.

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