Elementary season 7 episode 1 spoilers: About ‘The Further’ adventures

Elementary season 6Elementary season 7 episode 1 is set to arrive on CBS this Thursday, so why not go ahead and share some of our expectations now?

Let’s, of course, kick things off with the title “The Further Adventures” — it makes us think in our mind The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which sounds like some sort of weird cartoon spin-off that would’ve aired in the early nineties. What you may not have known, though, is that this title is ACTUALLY based on a series of popular radio dramas that aired throughout the 2000’s. (When you hear about it that way, it’s actually not all that weird at all, is it?)

Story-wise, the first thing that you have to remember is the fact that Holmes and Watson are now finding themselves firmly entrenched in London, where the two of them are attempting to kick off some sort of new life for themselves. Sherlock cannot return to America, and because of that, he’s having to face whatever this new future is, even if there are some components and elements to it that we’re not going to like. Joan in particular is going to struggle with the transition, given that she’s not from London and, because of that, she will have to adjust to a world that is very different from the one that she has called her home for so many years.

Will New York be gone from Elementary forever? Far from it. We know that the setting will continue to be relevant in the premiere, but most through Captain Gregson, who is going to be struggling with everything that happened in the finale — there’s a lot of guilt and pain there that could rise to the surface before long.

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Who is the Big Baddie this go-around?

Think along the lines of James Frain (True Blood, Gotham) as Odin Reichenbach, a notable foe who could cause some problems for Sherlock in his present and future. Unfortunately, all of the indications that we have suggest that you will be waiting for a while in order to see him. While Elementary season 6 wasted little time in introducing you to its Big Bad in Michael (Desmond Harrington), season 7 is taking its time, and presumably waiting until the show somewhat resets itself, before allowing you to see the new mustache-twirler. We certainly understand the thinking behind the idea, and we just hope that there is an intense, intellectual rivalry here between the two men — that is the thing that is almost always indicative for Sherlock with many of his greatest foes.

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