NCIS season 17 premiere date hopes for Mark Harmon, cast


As you’re reading this article, you’re probably more than aware that there is going to be an NCIS season 17. It’s ultimately hard not to be. We’re looking at one of TV’s most-popular and most-watched shows, and the more that we think about it, it could become one of the last of the greats to average more than 10 million viewers a week.

We know that this is an aside from the focus of this article, but think about it — The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones are both over, and with Young Sheldon continuing forward without its lead-in, there is really no guarantee that it is going to generate anywhere near the sort of numbers that it once did. NCIS, before long, could stand on a viewership island.

Anyhow, let’s get back to the main focus of this article, and that is sharing some NCIS season 17 premiere date possibilities … though we think that there is one date that outshines the rest. Tuesday, September 24. That hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but this is the date we’d circle in pencil on your calendar. Typically, the fall TV season begins around the final full week of September, and we don’t foresee that CBS is going to stall on delivering you more in terms of one of their most-popular shows. That is especially the case given some of the crazy stuff that could transpire through the season 16 finale — we know that CBS isn’t being altogether keen on spoiling anything right now, but we know the sort of stuff that we could potentially see during the finale tonight. Think in terms of a big story reveal or two that will make people want to see new episodes pretty much immediately.

(If not late September, October 1 is also a reasonable guess.)

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As for the question of whether or not NCIS season 17 will be the final one for CBS, there’s always going to be concern. We don’t get a feeling for now that we’re inching towards the end of the show, but sometimes, that can come at any time. We just know that this franchise is so profitable that there isn’t all that much of a reason to end that. We especially feel that way given that creatively, season 16 is one of the strongest ones we’ve had in a while — we’ve had some fantastic long-term story arcs, great individual moments for the characters, and also hope that Ziva could even come back to some degree. It feels a little more like old-school NCIS with the nature of the storytelling, and as we approach season 17, that would be the one biggest piece of advice we could offer — keep this up and even add to it. The characters sell this show at this point more than the format.

More than likely, CBS will announce the NCIS season 17 premiere date at some point this summer — we’ll be back with some more insight the moment that we’ve got it.

While you wait…

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What do you want to see when it comes to NCIS season 17, and do you wish CBS would break the mold and bring it on the air a little bit sooner? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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