This Is Us season 4 spoilers: Mandy Moore on flashforward Rebecca story

This Is Us season 2Obviously, you’re going to be waiting a while for This Is Us season 4 — think in terms of late September, most likely. Still, that doesn’t exactly squash our own personal interest in more stories from that world, especially when it comes to understanding more of the flash-forwards.

The information that’s been handed down about that era of the series has been certainly scarce, though there are a few specific details we’ve come to know. For example, we’ve gotten a chance to learn a little bit about Rebecca’s medical condition — and certainly many of her struggles. It’s clear at the moment that she’s not doing altogether well within that timeline. It’s possible that she has Alzheimer’s or is blind, and that is why Randall chooses to identify himself by name. (We’re thinking that Alzheimer’s is more likely, because he wouldn’t need to clarify that he is her son otherwise.) Meanwhile, we also think that there’s some other interesting stuff here when it comes to Kevin’s house, him being a father, and of course where Kate is in this world — after all, she is the only member of the Big Three still unaccounted for. We haven’t had a chance to actually see Kevin, but it does at least feel clear that the character is alive.

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Let’s go ahead and just state the bad news — we don’t think that the series is going to be super-eager to dive back into that timeline all that often in season 4, at least early on. After all, they have resolved one of the central mysteries, and that is what’s going on and the event that is bringing much of the Pearson family together — seeing Rebecca. We also know that Nicky is there and present, which raises questions aplenty in its own way.

Speaking via TVLine while at the upfronts this month, series star Mandy Moore does her part in order to make it clear why the writers may be exercising a lot of patience in terms of how much of that story we get, and also when we choose to get it:

“I know that we’re not going to dip into that world with my character too much, because I think you need to let it marinate a little bit. You want to use it with great impact … She didn’t seem to be too with it.”

So what are some of the big stories we could be seeing prioritized instead? Moore mentions getting to see more of Rebecca and Jack early on in their relationship, including after the two made that epic road-trip together on the West Coast. Meanwhile, we imagine we’ll be picking up the pieces of Kevin’s life after his relationship with Zoe fell apart and also seeing more of Kate and Toby’s lives as parents. That’s something that there is some genuine excitement for now that it seems like Baby Jack is going to be okay. There are certainly going to be more struggles ahead — there always are in life — but hopefully, the two will tackle many of them together.

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