Is The Enemy Within renewed for season 2, canceled? Current odds

The Enemy WithinIs The Enemy Within going to be renewed for a season 2 over at NBC? Given that the finale is airing tonight, it obviously makes some sense to have that question somewhere in the back of your head. The big problem is that, alas, we don’t really have a firm answer for you at the moment. It’s odd, but that is certainly where we are.

NBC this year was one of the only networks to leave the fate of multiple shows unclear coming into upfronts last week, and they still haven’t changed their tune. The Enemy Within is joining The Village and Abby’s as some of the more notable shows that are still somewhat adrift, waiting to learn precisely what’s going to happen in terms of their future. Technically, we should note that the network didn’t have to announce anything yet (and clearly, they’re holding firm to that). They have a little while until cast contracts expire and obviously, they wanted to see the finale ratings play out still.

We do still think that given the subject matter and the ratings, The Enemy Within does have the best overall chances of a renewal. We’re talking here about a show that has developed at least a strong, compelling mythology involving espionage, intrigue, and of course strong performances. The fact that this show has both Jennifer Carpenter and Morris Chestnut is a nice little feather in its cap — we are talking here about two performers who each have solid fanbases all over the world and NBC can try to reap the benefits of some of that if the show comes back for more.

One thing that absolutely does benefit this show is the fact that it hails from Universal Television, meaning that NBC reaps more benefits from international sales than it does some sort of outside production. Remember that the network renewed Blindspot for a final season due in part to international brand, even though it actually hails from an outside studio. If The Enemy Within can somehow capture that, it’d be golden.

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If we were NBC…

We’d probably give this show at least one more season, if for no other reason than that it would allow for an opportunity to see if streaming performance/word of mouth could help it out a little bit. We also do think that it’s a natural companion for a show in The Blacklist that has a very similar sort of style. Think about things this way — maybe Blindspot gets a 13-episode run in the winter alongside the James Spader series. Why not give The Enemy Within a 10-episode run following that? Sure, it’s a financial risk, but this is one that could prove to be worthwhile.

For some more news when it comes to The Enemy Within…

Be sure to head over to the link here, given that this is where you can get a full review for the finale the moment it wraps up! We’ll have more soon enough…

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